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Optimum 11" Inspiration

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Do you want to sleep cooler and more comfortably than on a memory foam mattress or even other gel beds? The Sealy Optimum Inspiration has been proven to be more effective for removing excess heat during the night.

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Sealy Optimum 11" Inspiration Top Specs

  • Comfort Type - Gel Memory Foam
  • Support Layer - 6" patented OptiCore™ at the bottom of the mattress providing a deeper level of support
  • Comfort Layers - 2" OptiCool™ Gel Memory Foam, 3" OptiSense™ layer of body hugging, contouring material

Sealy Optimum 11 Inspiration Top Reviews

Avg. Rating: 4.5/5
  • Brent Says:
    I had lower back pain with my prior innerspring mattress after only 8 years (we flipped and rotated it regularly too).Since having this mattress and the YuMe coconut pillows, no back pain and waking up refreshed in the morning. I am a side stomach sleeper and my wife is a side back sleeper and this mattress was a great compromise for us and we are both happy!
  • Brent Says:
    Outstanding - I an a side/stomach sleeper and my wife is a side/back sleeper. I had low back pain and no more and we both love the mattress.
  • Kathi Says:
    Like the mattress...but not what the sales people said in their pitch. Still hot, and we feel more motion than we did on our other brand. And it's short! There's a reason we went with a California King,,,,but it's a good three inches shorter than our other mattress.
  • Lyn Says:
    Have had King set for 6 weeks, and although it is very comfortable, it is already visably sagging where my husband and I lay. Outer edges are higher than interior, and it does not pop back when you get up. My Queen Tempurpedic that we slept on for eight years and have moved to the guest room still has no indentions. Guess the Sealy will be going back.
  • Yvette Says:
    It's magical. Two nights on this mattress and no back pain in the morning. It's like sleeping on a cloud!
  • Kelly Says:
    I replaced my 10 yr old innerspring mattress with this one. I layed on every mattress in the store and there were plenty of them. I kept coming back to this one because when I layed on it I felt like I was relieved of all the pressure on my body. I had my first night sleep on it and woke up feeling refreshed and rdy to go. I am a back sleeper and I don't think I moved a inch after I feel asleep. I have a sleep program on my phone that tells you your sleep patterns and when you reach REM sleep and how long you stay in it. Before I replaced my mattress I was getting maybe 2 hrs of REM SLEEP. last night I slept 6 hrs in REM. I also suffer from chronic back pain have for 20 yrs. This mattress is truly a blessing for my back. The online and store people were really helpful. They did not pressure me into buying the most expensive mattress in the place. They just let me test drive them and was able to answer all of my questions. I was afraid buying a mattress would've like buying a car but it wasn't. I would highly recommend MATTRESS FIRM if you are in need of a good nights sleep.
  • Pammela Says:
    There aren't enough stars to give this bed praise. I have bursitis in the hip and my husband has had multiple knee surgeries. After purchasing this mattress and sleeping one night, I had relief from my pain in my hip and had the bst night of sleep ever. My husband says he has never felt more rested and slept more soundly. Gone are the days of tossing and turning. No movement can be felt when your partner moves in the bed. Its the best night of sleep you could ever wish to have.
  • P Says:
    I absolutely love this mattress set so far! It really does sleep cooler. I suffer from "private summers" on occasion so I needed something that sleeps cooler and they haven't disappointed. I got one of those cooler pillows too. I'm cooler and I don't ache as much!
  • Margaret Says:
    I bought the Serta I Comfort first and really tries to get used to it but I hated it. Thankfully I was able to return it with no hassel from Mattress Firm. I got a Sealy Optimum and I love the mattress. I will always buy from Mattress Firm.
  • Penny Says:
    I bought this mattress 2 months ago and I'm still in love with them. They sleep cooler than my old box spring set and they are very comfortable. I'm not waking up with the aches and pains like I did before. They are well worth the investment!
  • Chaz Says:
    Me and my fiance both love this bed! we got it after she disliked the tempur-pedic cloud that we got, and we bot like it a lot better!
  • Ron Says:
    So far so good, I am still getting used to the mattress.I met the entire sales staff here in Evansville, they were great,I enjoyed meeting them. The mattress seemed a little firm but is softening, I have only had it for 4 days
  • Matt Says:
    The Mattress started off great. After about 30 days the places where my wife and i sleep got significantly softer than the middle of the bed. both of us started with the back pain. Do not buy this mattress it is low quality foam. Mattress firm however is going to take it back even after the trial period because it is a warranty issue. I will not be selecting another one of these.
  • William Says:
    My older temper foam mattress had become softer after about 12 years. I have serious lower back problems and my neuropathy during sleep had been getting progressively worse. Also, I was waking with my back and the backs of my legs sweating. After studying comments on line and evaluations, I selected the Sealy Optimum series to look at. In the store they had several, if not all, of the Optimum mattresses on display. I started with the Destiny and when I got to the Inspiration, I knew that I had found my mattress. This mattress keeps me cooler and has reduced my night-time neuropathic pain to near zero. The Mattress Firm Coconut Bliss Pillow rounded out the combination and now I look forward to going to bed. What a great product and what a great combination, for me. By the way, I am a back sleeper only, due to back issues and the fact that I have just undergone hip revision surgery. I also have the adjustable base and wonder how I ever slept without it.
  • Kathy Says:
    We really thought this would be a great bed when we purchased it two weeks ago, but unfortunately after about a week, my husband started waking up with lower back pain. (I have back issues from an accident, and my pain decreased, but I was not expecting it to go away.) I really liked it, but considering the cost, felt it was better to get something else for my husband's sake. We are getting the Simmons Beauty Rest Contender (more of a hybrid) and are hoping it will work better for both of us. However, if you like the foam mattress and a firmer feel, it is really a nice bed.
  • Rick Says:
    I love sleeping in the coolness and softness. It is very comfortable and I would recommend trying this out to anybody.

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