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Optimum 10" Radiance

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The Sealy Optimum Radiance mattress is designed to keep you at an optimum temperature for a deeper more restful sleep. OptiCool™ works by absorbing excess heat and helping move it away from your body to create a gentle cooling sensation. 

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Sealy Optimum 10" Radiance Top Specs

  • Comfort Type - Gel Memory Foam
  • Support Layer - 6" patented OptiCore™ at the bottom of the mattress providing a deeper level of support
  • Comfort Layers - 2" OptiCool™ Gel Memory Foam, 2" OptiSense™ layer of body hugging, contouring material

Sealy Optimum 10 Radiance Top Reviews

Avg. Rating: 4.6/5
  • Lori Says:
    I finally decided to upgrade to a memory foam mattress and am glad I purchased this mattress. I have bought at least 4 mattresses over the last 12 years or so. I am always comfortable on the bed in the store and then when I get it home it is usually too soft. I do not feel the same about this mattress. I do think the foam is a superior product to the traditional coil products. The foam definitely feels different, but does seem to do a much better job at balancing support with comfort. I have the mattress right on top of my 'European' style bed frame which does not require a box springs. I was happy to find that I transitioned to this mattress without issues. For example, my parents just switched to a different memory foam mattress and possibly due to her age, my mom took a couple of weeks to get used to her new mattress. She is 65 yrs old and experienced just a little bit of muscle soreness at first, but she is now very happy with her mattress as well. I did not have time to really compare prices, but I do think this was a relatively competitive price at $1474 for mattress alone.... simply by comparing it to what my parents paid about a month ago for a very similar product.
  • tito Says:
    This mattress so far is exceptional. I purchased it on the day they placed it on the floor, so i had to wait a few days to receive it. i have slept really well on it thus far...actually this is the best mattress i have owned to date. highly recommended
  • Michelle Says:
    Nice mattress. Feels quite a bit more firm than in store so I think there's a breaking in period. I don't notice a cooling effect, but I don't wake up feeling as hot as my last foam bed - so that's a plus. Very supportive, too.
  • Sheila Says:
    We love this mattress. It is not too firm and not too soft. It is great for slight back pain. I love that it will last for 25 yrs.! We highly recommend this mattress.
  • Brenda Says:
    First, I just want to say that Mattress Firm's service exceeds all others! After numerous hours of research and trying out different mattresses in stores, I am very pleased with my Sealy Optimum. I have a herniated disc in my lower back and for the first time in years, I wake up without my back hurting. I have owned my mattress for one week and am very happy. I don't feel my husband getting into bed later than me and my quality of sleep has improved. The foam has been cool and thought that I would need a firmer mattress but this has been great in my first week of ownership. Megan, the sales rep, was very knowledgeable and not pushy; a wonderful sales rep who even had our mattress delivered on a Sunday afternoon (the same morning I ordered it). I have decided to stay with Sealy above all because of their expertise and knowledge along with their commitment to quality. In addition, my experience with Mattress Firm was so wonderful, I plan to make all of my future purchases with them and refer my friends and family to them:) My conclusion is to only buy a mattress from a reputable mattress store and a name brand that speaks for itself.
  • Richard Says:
    We remain hopeful this will be a good purchase and last the standard 8-years recommended for mattress replacement. The warranty is great! The price and incentives were great as well! We like firmness in a bed, but not too firm, and really were interested in trying gel and memory foam technology. We retired a 10-year old pillow-top that was worn out! Next day delivery was awesome... Anyway after the first night, we're not sure it is the answer to sleeplessness and minor 'wake-up' pain, but we plan to allow some break-in time and will re-post if it is worthy of a 5-star rating or if we discover the need to exchange it. Another concern is that there are very few on-line reviews of this product compared to other gel/foam mattresses out there.
  • Bill Says:
    It seemed firm in the store, but is too soft after sleeping on it for less than two weeks. My back pain returned. This mattress may be fine for some, but is unsatisfactory for me.
  • Ronnie Says:
    I would like to say we have had this mattress for about 3 months.We would like to say it's the best mattress we've ever owned.I would recommend to any one.It keeps u cool at night and contours to your body which you will get a great night sleep.
  • Don Says:
    Had mine for over a year and it's great.Firm but not hard. No more back painVery happy !!!!

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