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Posturepedic Lakehurst Cushion 12.5" Firm

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Prepare to feel the world class luxurious support of the Lakehurst Cushion Firm. This mattress is part of Sealy’s Gel Series and the pocketed coil system provides one of a kind comfort and the support that has made Sealy a leader in the bedding industry for decades. The revolutionary coil system is to ensure deep, reviving rest for you and your partner. With Sealy’s Coresupport, you can be guaranteed you will have the support in the middle third of the bed, where you need it the most. This also increases the durability and longevity of your sleep set. Get ready for sleep like you’ve never experienced.

Sealy Posturepedic Lakehurst Cushion 12.5" Firm Top Specs

• 1" SuperSoft ActiveFlex®
• 1" High Performance ActiveFlex®
• Gel Memory Foam
• CoreSupport Center™
• Solid Edge Support System
• 10 Year Warranty
• Made in the USA

Sealy Posturepedic Lakehurst Cushion 12_5 Firm Top Reviews

Avg. Rating: 2.3/5
  • Etta Says:
    Bought my Lakehurst in Feb2014,mattress seemed very high.All of a sudden my side started to sink in.I was like maybe its my imagination.A month later my husband said his side was sinking.Call the store and told them I did not want this mattress.Because it had broken down,in only 4 months.They did replace the mattress This mattress is not as tall as the other one.Hmm hope its not a reject!!!
  • Tracy Says:
    I do not recommend this mattress. Purchased this mattress in King size. After 3 months there was noticeable sinking. After 6 months, and constant back pain, a inspector said my side sank 3' and husbands side 1.5" with high ridge down the center.
  • Carolyn Says:
    I just got a king. Been on it three days with my husband. It is January and first night was a little stiff. We had put a 1" hotel collection mattress pad on top from older bed when we got it. Now it is perfect, three nights later. I like firm mattresses to be able to roll over or move to center near hubby to stay warm. Also I still have hot sweats so pure memory foam is out of question. Also have bad lower back and this mattress is great for it. No arthritis and stiffness when I get off of bed. Best mattress I have owned. Even husband admits it's better and he can sleep on anything even though he snores up a storm. He doesn't snore as much and toss and turn on his side as much. I get a longer sleep just because he doesn't move that much and when he does, I don't feel it. And I used to get up three times a night. Good for older couples who are used to firmer mattress. I was willing to pay for more expensive mattress like tempapedic but didn't like the sinking into mattress. Hard to turn over or get out of bed at night. If you are used to plushy mattress or pillow top you will not like it. My first and only king was a cheaper pillow top. Never got used to it. My sinuses bothered me and nose stuffed up. Was too soft

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