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11" Genius IComfort Memory Foam

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The Genius iComfort bed from Serta adds a plush comfort to your sleep set with an extra firm support. A 2” layer of Serta® Support Foam rests below our Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam, creating a firmer feel at the sleep surface. The Cool Action Gel in this mattress allows you to sleep cooler than average. The Genius bed also offers awesome no motion transfer. This will allow for undisturbed rest throughout the night. This bed is ideal for those who want the benefits of memory foam, but prefer a firm mattress.

Serta 11" Genius IComfort Memory Foam Top Specs

•Gel Memory Foam
•ComfortLast Foam Core with Ultimate Edge Support
•2" Support Foam, 2.75"CoolAction Gel Memory Foam
•Adjustable Friendly
•No motion transfer
•25 Year Warranty

Serta 11 Genius IComfort Memory Foam Top Reviews

Avg. Rating: 4.1/5
  • Bill Says:
    We like a firm matress and had always had a spring matresses.We never slept a foam matress before, so we were a little leary when the salesman had us try it. After sleeping on it a few nights we will never go back to the springs. Great product with awesome customer service. A+
  • Wendy Says:
    Totally hate this bed. It is so hard. Bought a feather topper to add hoping that it would help, but still is to hard. I wake up every morning with a stiff neck and back. Would not recomend unless you like extremly firm!!
  • Rosemary Says:
    On my way to store to arrange a trade in. This mattress is not suitable for stomach sleepers. It is also hot.
  • Judi Says:
    This bed is awful!!! We had to replace the mattress after only 72 days because it was no longer firm. The second one was even worse. Only 2 weeks! I no longer want this bed, but Mattress Firm will not return our money for almost 2 weeks AFTER they pick it up. I guess we will sleep on the floor. Do NOT do business with Mattress Firm!!!!
  • Christy Says:
    Ordered this online and they shipped it to us the same evening. My husband and I absolutely LOVE this mattress. We both have back issues and this bed is amazing!! After reading reviews thought it might take a week or two but after the first night of sleeping in a new bed we both have had the best sleep of our lives and I have not heard my husband snoring. I don't know if it's because he isn't or I'm just sleeping that good now, either way, I totally recommend this mattress!!
  • R. & M. Says:
    I stopped by mattress firm to check out mattresses before ordering . The sales person introduced me to iComfort! I told my husband about it and we ordered one that night. It is the best mattress we have ever owned! My back feels better and my husband stopped snoring.
  • Anne Says:
    I traded the Savant for the Genius and I am soooo glad I did. I had the Savant for two weeks and it was too soft for me. The Genius is perfect for those who love firm mattresses. Now I wake up feeling very refreshed. Mattress Firm was also very prompt and professional with my exchange and delivery!
  • I Says:
    Wanted to give this mattress and box spring 4 and a half stars because of all the times this bed has made me late for work... Excellent bed does everything that it claims to offer as far as the coolness.... Best investment in years!!!!!
  • Jason Says:
    I've had back pain for many years, chiro bills, electro therapy and all sorts of things to try and help, with this mattress you can actually feel the pain begin to release from the first time you lay down. It's firm but still offers a level of comfort that will let your body relax.I never realized the difference a good mattress can make until we purchased our Serta Genius. It compared as well as, and better in some areas than the temporpedic. The price range was spot on for what we could afford.
  • Greg Says:
    Best mattress ever. We've slept sounder than ever before.
  • Bill Says:
    Love this mattress! the salesman was very nice and courteous (Bret from Mesa). The delivery was fast. They set out a red carpet, used booties in the house, were very fast and cleaned up.The mattress has good firm support and feels fairly cool to sleep on. I love it!
  • Donald Says:
    I told the sales lady that we wanted a mattress as firm as a 1" thick plywood board. The Genius IComfort is working really well with firmness and comfort. Adding the adjustable base was a smart idea too.
  • Steph Says:
    We just purchased the Genius IComfort four days ago. We are e trembly happy and highly recommend The Mattress Firm on highland avenue in jonesboro AR (Brandon is our sales rep) What a God send!
  • Cheryl Says:
    This is by far the best bed we've ever slept on. It is plush without losing its firmness. My brother was visiting and took a nap and he said that it was like a deprivation chamber that was like sleeping in the clouds. I love this bed and will never have anything else. My back pain is gone. Thank you for an awesome treat!

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