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Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Recharge Mitzi 11.5" Luxury Firm

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Enjoy the firm comforts of the new Mitzi firm mattress. A Beautyrest mattress gives you Recharging Sleep by combining the conforming back
support of legendary Beautyrest Pocketed Coils with the cool sleeping comfort of AirCool Foams.
Warranty: 20 years
• Features: AirCool® Foam, GelTouch, AirCool® Mesh Border, Ventilated AirCool® BeautyEdge Foam Encasement
• Coil Count: 800 Density Pocketed Coils
• Comfort Type: Firm
• Upholstery: 1/2" GelTouch, 1/2" Luxury Firm Comfort Foam
• Quilt: 1" AirCool® Foam, 1" AirCool® Foam
• Foundation: Triton® Foundation

Simmons Recharge Mitzi 11.5" Luxury Firm Top Specs

Comfort Type: Firm
Height: 11.5"
Comfort Layer: 1/2" GelTouch, 1/2" Luxury Firm Comfort Foam
Covering: 1" AirCool® Foam, 1" AirCool® Foam
Warranty: 20 years

Simmons Recharge Mitzi 11_5 Luxury Firm Top Reviews

Avg. Rating: 4.5/5
  • Gregory Says:
    After sleeping on a futon for a few weeks, I was happy with anything. This mattress went above and beyond my expectations. Very comfortable and supportive of my lower back.
  • kathie Says:
    This is a great mattress. I originally purchased the mitzi plush pillowtop, but it was too soft for me. I exchanged it for the firm and this mattress is perfect. It is nice and cool and the firmness has helped my back from aching. I would recomend this mattress to anyone.
  • Lisa N. Says:
    My mattress set was delivered two days ago and I have never rested better! I can recall sleeping on a mattress in a five star hotel that I thought was great, but the Mitzi is awesome!
  • Steven Says:
    Hard like a rock, extremely uncomfortable for side sleepers.
  • Bill Says:
    All new mattresses are great, at first. Yet, I really like this ‘Recharge Mitzi 11.5" Luxury Firm’. For ten years I used another brand's pillow-top that was way too soft for my lower back and with this mattress, for the first time in as long, I have slept as well I can remember. It also has the great benefit of staying relatively cool. If you like a moderately firm mattress, you will probably like this one a lot.
  • marlon Says:
    I put this mattress on a icomfort adjustable foundation. it works perfectly. its a firm mattress wirh inner springs and 1/2 in gel foam. you can use an electric blanket or electric mattress cover with it. you cant do this on 1 inch or more foam tops. this mattress is certified for use on adjustable foundations and will not void warranty. 11,5 inches thick--that's good because over 13 in thickness is a problem with adjustable foundations as they don't fold properly. they don't tell you this.sort of a HYBRED.--springs and foam. for perfect support--no all foam sag--you don't feel your being swallowed by a foam mattress. it costs way less than all foam--that's why stores push all foam--its a cool sleeper in summer--no ALL FOAM ROAST . you can change sleep positions without a struggle. no motion transfer to your partner. nobody mentions this --it is the perfectt make love mattress out there.

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