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Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5" Plush Pillow Top
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Simmons Recharge World Class

Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5" Plush Pillow Top

Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5" Plush Pillow Top
  • Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5 Plush Pillow Top
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Enjoy the world class feel of the new East Hampton pillow top mattress. A Beautyrest mattress gives you Recharging Sleep by combining the conforming back support of legendary Beautyrest Pocketed Coils with the cool sleeping comfort of AirCool Foams.

Warranty: 25 years
Features: AirFeel® Foam, AirCool® Foam, TruTemp™ Gel, AirCool® Memory Foam with Micro Gel, AirCool® Mesh Border, Ventilated AirCool® BeautyEdge Foam Encasement
Coil Count: 2000 Density Pocketed Coils
Comfort Type: Plush Pillow Top
Upholstery: 2" AirCool® Memory Foam with Micro Gel, 1/2" TruTemp™ Gel, 1 1/2" MicroCoil, 1/2" Luxury Firm Comfort Foam
Quilt: 1 1/4" AirFeel® Foam, 1" Plush Comfort Foam
Construction: AirCool® Mesh Border, Ventilated AirCool® BeautyEdge® Foam Encasement, 1/2" Energy Foam
Foundation: Triton® Foundation

Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5 Plush Pillow Top Specs

Comfort Type: Plush Pillow Top
Height: 15.5"
Comfort Layer: 2" AirCool® Memory Foam with Micro Gel, 1/2" TruTemp™ Gel, 1 1/2" MicroCoil, 1/2" Luxury Firm Comfort Foam
Covering: 1 1/4" AirFeel® Foam, 1" Plush Comfort Foam
Warranty: 25 years

Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5 Plush Pillow Top Reviews

Avg. Rating: 4.67/5
  • AL Says:
    Very, very, very soft mattress. Also really heavy & tall at 15.5 inches. Quality is top notch. Wouldn't recommend at all for stomach sleepers or anybody over 250 lbs. It was just way too soft for my liking. Do yourself a favor and try it before you buy it. I didn't spend enough time on it in the store. I later exchanged the East Hampton for a World Class Contender and I couldn't be happier!
  • Dorothy Says:
    I had to exchange a bed and found this one. I would say my back pain is 75% better! The old saying a firm mattress isn't always true. For me a softer one made a huge difference.
  • Ken Says:
    Okay the first week, my wife has no morning back pain, even after dbl masc. Me I find my self sinking, at times I don't need to sleep on my stomach like I use two. You start caressing this mattress, you just do! Along with their coconut oil scented foam pillows, it's hard to not to want to go to bed. I put a folded quilt beneath my side for a little added support when getting sleep is deeper and even nap during the day deeply. A little dramatic, yeah but our attitudes in the mornings are completely different. Try it for their 100 days. Don't think I will be returning it! Love the extra height , the quality but it is heavier than our old beauty rest,
  • Jay Says:
    After purchasing and trying an iComfort and then a Tempur Cloud Supreme (which was so so, but we didn't love it) we decided to give a more "traditional" mattress a try. Well, we saved the best for last! This mattress is excellent! Very comfortable, soft yet very supportive, and we both wake up pain free and rested finally! I would totally disagree with the reviews saying this mattress is too soft. In addition to the comfort, it also "sleeps" comfortably as far as temperature is concerned. Bottom line. We love this bed!
  • Bill Says:
    This is a great mattress if you like a plush but supportive bed. It was delivered in excellent condition and we are very satisfied with the quality and comfort. (You may want to consider the low profile foundation as we did because even with it the mattress is 27 inches high on a standard frame.)
  • James Says:
    I spent a lot of time choosing a mattress based on various requirements that I had: Durability, support, breathability, comfort, and price. I chose the East Hampton because it has everything I wanted and more. Durability being the main concern since I am 300lbs. It was a little more than I planned on spending but it is well worth the money & with the easy financing options it was easier to spend the extra money for it. I bought the bed the week of Thanksgiving and after a couple of weeks of breaking it in I have to say, that this mattress is my favorite one in the store. I noticed that I seem to toss and turn less, and wake up without any backpain like I was on my previous mattress. I have no complaints about the East Hampton at all, and highly reccomend it to anyone!

Product Question and Answers

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This product has 3 Questions and/or Answers.

  • [1 of 1 found this Q & A helpful.]
    john deiss asks:
    Question about Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5" Plush Pillow Top :
    hello I found this same mattress on for $ 1,196.99 why are you charge 2999.00 is it to cover overhead ? as I was think of purchasing from mattress firm but the different is a lot of cash
    Chris M. answered:
    It depends on what level of World Class it is that you are looking at on Inside the World Class, there are 2 different levels of mattresses. On our website we have 2 models of world class. You should also see a price jump from the basic world class and the "top of the line" world class. To better assist you, you can reach us at 877-384-2903.
    Did you find this Q & A helpful?
  • Steve Dickerson asks:
    Question about Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5" Plush Pillow Top :
    Is this bed compatible with an adjustable base?
    Candace answered:
    Yes, it absolutely is. Give us a call and we would love to place this order for you :) 1-877-384-2903
    Did you find this Q & A helpful?
  • brenda dvis asks:
    Question about Simmons World Class East Hampton 15.5" Plush Pillow Top :
    how often should you turn the mattress
    Candace answered:
    Turning the mattress is not a requirement, however if you would like too feel free.
    Did you find this Q & A helpful?

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Pillow Top mattresses provide the ultimate in surface comfort and firmness, cradling and supporting your every move with pillow like softness while you sleep.

Contoured mattresses provide pressure relieving support by conforming to your body. It is firm where you need it and soft where you want it.

Personalized mattresses are customized to your unique body type and sleep needs.


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