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Stearns and Foster

Joy 14" Luxury Plush Pillow Top

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The Stearns and Foster Joy Luxury Plush Pillow Top mattress offers luxury at a great price. This mattress contours to your body providing soft comfort as well as firm support. Sleep comfortably tonight on your new Stearns and Foster mattress from Mattress Firm.

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Stearns and Foster Joy 14" Luxury Plush Pillow Top Top Specs

  • Comfort type - Luxury Plush Pillow Top
  • Covering - FlameGuard™ Fiber, 1" Hypersoft®, .5 oz Fiber, 1" Hypersoft®
  • Support layers - Individually Wrapped Titanium Alloy Coil, 825 CD
  • Comfort layers - 2" HD SuperSoft Foam, Versare, 1" HD SuperSoft Foam
  • Edge system - 2.5" Foam Encasement™
  • Base Insulator - 1.5 oz Resilium®
  • Box spring - LTD.™

Stearns and Foster Joy 14 Luxury Plush Pillow Top Top Reviews

Avg. Rating: 4.4/5
  • c Says:
    Absolutely HORRIBLE bed. Came in super soft (much more than the showroom), and uneven across the entire bed. Visually the bed looks fine, but you sink in through out the night, and the pain you'll have the next day is not worth it.
  • Crystal Says:
    Best mattress we ever had. It is soft but perfect for any way of sleeping. I am a stomach sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper, and this mattress is absolutely perfect.
  • Sandi Says:
    Extremely comfortable! Our last mattress was all firm, but this is just right being firm mattress with that plush layer of softness.
  • Amanda Says:
    The worst mattress I've slept on in years--feels like a 10 year old, completely broken down mattress! Maybe the one I got is defective, but from the first night, a dip formed where I slept. A week later, it literally feels like I'm sleeping in a hole--it is too soft and offers zero support.
  • Kevin Says:
    This is the best mattress I've ever bought! Last night was the first night I slept on it, and I must say its the best sleep I've ever had in my life, worth every dollar and get the coconut pillows
  • Barb Says:
    Received my mattress today so I have not slept on it a full night but it does feel very comfortable so far just laying on it. It has a combination of softness without being too soft or too firm.
  • Allan Says:
    ive owned this mattress for about 3 months now and almost anything is better than the futon i slept on for 9 months but this mattress really is top notch. It provides the right amount of plushness to firmness that makes it a good all round mattress for almost anyone. I have had almost 10 different people lay on it and i get nothing but compliments and my sis in law is happy i did the leg work looking for this bed so she can buy this same exact bed when she and my brother have the money. Im very pleased with the purchase and happy i went with this bed, add the fact that there is a 25 yr warrentee and your gold! Also i purchased the coconut pillows and are they expensive yes but also very worth it, very comfortable, add some high thread count new sheets and a quality duvet and its like sleeping on a bed youd find in a hotel every night. There is very little to no transfer of movement from 1 side of the bed to the other. This sure can come in handy for couples where someone gets up and in doing so wakes up the other, not any more! Treat your self, youll be spending almost every night on it for many years, might as well wake up refreshed well rested and not sore in any way
  • Wayne Says:
    If you shop other no name or questionable stores you will be ripped off. This company is legit, real deal and they say what they do. The prices were better and service was exceptional. I bought the exact same mattress a day before going to mattress firm. Not only was I ripped off by their price they never delivered the bed and wouldn't refund my money I had to get a lawyer involved. Mattress firm was easy, professional and sold me the same exact bed for 700 dollars cheaper and delivered it as promised next day on Sunday. Good people here, it's not worth shopping to save 50-100 dollars when you have piece of mind like they offer.
  • mary Says:
    We received our mattress yesterday and we were eager to sleep on it and I must say for the first time sleeping on it, it slept great. So far we are very pleased.
  • Tiffany & Mike Says:
    My husband and I purchased this mattress after our other simmons beauty rest became 8 years old. We like a semi firm mattress and for us this fit the bill perfect. We have had the mattress for about 2 weeks now and both of us agree we are getting a lot better nights sleep on it. Its soft and firm at the same time. Giving us the best of both worlds. I highly recommend.
  • Cortney Says:
    We both really like this bed. I like softer beds and my husband likes firmer beds. We firdt went with a sealy optimum elation and my husband hated it but I liked it. We exchanged it for this one and we both love it, it's soft on top but has firm support. It was pretty hard at first but our sales guy told us to jump on it on my side and it worked! It softened it up right away. I would def recommend this bed!!
  • natasha Says:
    loveee this bed its so comfy without being too soft or to firm and we were torn between the sterns and foster brand and beuatyrest but got a better deal on the sterns and foster and better warranty plan too. And you must buy are the coconut pillows. I can't live without my pillow now and always miss it when we stay at hotel and i used to hate sleeping on a pillow.
  • Jade Says:
    Top of the line product and company! My wife and I had a wonderful experience picking out our new mattress and this one will be maybe the best one we have ever slept on. I will admit that I thought I had done enough research before getting to the did help but our sales person set us up for what we were exactly looking for. The 25 year warranty is also piece of mind that this is a solid product. Looking forward to many years of a good nights sleep!
  • Rachel Says:
    My husband developed low back pain and sciatica more than a year ago at about the same time that my existing back problems worsened. It was confirmed that our mattress was at fault after a two-week vacation, during which we woke up pain-free every morning. We both loved the S&F Joy when we tried it out in the store. My husband has had zero low back/sciatic pain ever since we began sleeping on it. Unfortunately, my own back pain has gotten even worse. I'd give the S&F Joy five stars for my husband and three for myself. The only reason why I wouldn't give it one star for myself is because I haven't been having trouble falling or staying asleep, which is almost completely unheard of for me. Unfortunately, though, that isn't enough for us to stick with this mattress. I'm afraid it might be time to invest in a Sleep Number bed.

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