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TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze 11"
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TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze 11"

TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze 11"
  • TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze 11
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TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze offers a perfect blend of soft comfort and cooling for a truly supreme sleep experience. This mattress features TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling and moisture-wicking fabric cover along with even more TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling throughout the comfort layer. This bed is ideal for individuals looking for a soft bed that still offers great support and helps keep you cool.

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TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze 11 Specs

• Comfort Rating: Soft
• Mattress Height: 11"
• Comfort Layers: TEMPUR-ES® Material
• Support Layer: TEMPUR-Climate™ Material
• Cover – Top Textile: TEMPUR-Breeze™ Material
• Cover – Side Textile: MicroSuede
• Special Features: Antimicrobial Treatment, TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling System
• Warranty: 10-Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty
• Made in: United States of America
• Select a Standard or Low Profile Foundation, or the TEMPUR-Ergo™ Premier Adjustable Base to make it a set.

Mattress Layer Breakdown:
• TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cover with MicroSuede sides
• 2” TEMPUR-ES® Material
• 2.4” TEMPUR-Climate™ Material

• Twin XL: 39"W x 80"D
• Queen: 60"W x 80"D
• King: 76"W x 80"D
• California King: 72"W x 84"D

TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze 11 Reviews

Avg. Rating: 4.6/5
  • Maria Says:
    My husband and I bought our first Tempurpedic bed (Rhapsody-Queen) in 2007. We love this bed. When we sleep my husband has a tendency to roll over to my side and take all the space. So last week, we decided to get the Cloud Supreme Breeze (King) and we love it even more! I have always been a good sleeper but I think I am sleeping even better on this bed. On the old Rhapsody bed we could still feel some movement when one of us moves when we sleep. But on this new bed we cannot feel any movement at all and it does keep you cool throughout the night. I love, love this bed and would recommend it to everyone!
  • John Says:
    Had an old style solid block Tempur-pedic for years. Loved it but it did sleep a bit hot. Time to upgrade to King size so went shopping for another Tempur-pedic. The Breeze was pretty pricey but with promise of sleeping cooler and the 100 day return guarantee we went ahead and took a chance. No regrets so far, very comfortable for the body and noticeably cooler.
  • Lynsey Says:
    My husband and I FINALLY bought a Temperpedic and we LOVE it! Took us both a couple nights to get used to it but we miss our bed when we stay somewhere else now! Couldnt ask for a better bed! We are glad we bought the Supreme Cloud Breeze as my brother in law has the original and they say it sleeps hot, and is firmer than ours! We should have bought this sooner!
  • Brook Says:
    This mattress provides fabulous pressure relief! Although, I wake up with sore joints and my wife wakes up every day with lower back pain. This mattress sleeps HOT, I sweat profusely every night. It's a very expensive mattress that should provide greater overall comfort.
  • Tenny Says:
    Well, I bought this mattress because I hate sleeping on hard mattress, so I went ahead and bought it.. best mattress ever!

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