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400 Series Adjustable Bed Base

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Must Call To Order...1-877-384-2903
Not available in stores

Everything that is great about the Ergomotion Adjustable bed base, but with a wireless hand wand for easy adjustability control, and massage to soothe sore and tired muscles. The Ergomotion adjustable bed base is one of the best Adjustable Bed Frames on the market today. Well priced, and highly durable, this adjustable bed frame will help you achieve the desired level of incline needed to obtain the most restful sleep. The benefits of adjustable beds can be seen in customers suffering from back problems, sleep apnea, chronic snoring, or improper circulation. By sleeping at an incline, adjustable beds put your body into a natural sleeping position, similar to the fetal position. This is the optimal sleeping position needed to achieve the deepest, most restorative levels of sleep possible. You will breath easier, your muscles will get more blood and oxygen, and as a result you will wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

This adjustable base is highly functional and affordable. Perfect for customers with medical conditions as well as those looking to upgrade the way they sleep. This adjustable bed fits easily in most bed frames, and comes with removable legs to give sleepers the ability to place in a sleigh bed style frame. Adjustable beds are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of sleepers, making it easier to read and watch t.v. in the comfort of your own room.


• Pre-set Zero Gravity position that offers many health benefits
• Base adjusts to 70 degrees at the head and 47 degrees at the foot
• Flat button for your convenience
• Wall Hugger Design provides full range of motion in tight spaces
• Can Be Dropped Inside Of, And Work With Any Same-Size Bed Frame- No Need To Replace Furniture
• Massage option with different intensities and timer
• 100% Wireless and Back-lit remote
• Removable legs for multiple applications: Operates without legs
• Headboard and foot board compatible. Some frames may require brackets
• Adjustable base only
• Bases come stock with 9" legs, other options are available as accessories

Warranty: 20 Year Limited backed by industry leading customer service

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