How do I protect my mattress warranty?

We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so it is important that our mattress is comfortable and long-lasting. Whether you have just purchased or you are thinking about purchasing a new mattress, you will want to protect your mattress to maintain its comfort, extend its life and protect the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties protect your mattress from defects in manufacturing. To keep your warranty effective, it is important to learn and follow your mattress manufacturer’s guidelines. Check your mattress’ warranty cards for complete details.

Ways to Protect Your Mattress Warranty

Provide adequate support: Check your warranty card to review acceptable options and confirm that your mattress receives the support it requires.

Select a Proper Bed Frame: The bed frame you choose must provide sturdy support for both the mattress and the foundation. For mattresses that are queen size and larger, the bed frame should include a center support. If you select a bed frame with slated supports, be sure it provides enough structural support, particularly for queen, king and California king size mattresses. Improperly supporting a bed may void your warranty.

Choose a Matching Foundation: Mattresses are designed to be used with, and have been fire tested in conjunction with, a foundation, as part of a set.

Continuously Support Your Mattress: Once you’ve confirmed your mattress has the recommended foundation and bed frame, use them in conjunction and continuously.

Use a Stain Proof Mattress Protector or Encasement: This will protect your mattress from stains, rips or tears, which is key to keeping your warranty valid.

Rotate your Mattress: For even wear and a longer life, mattress manufacturers recommend you rotate your mattress once a month.

For complete information, read and follow the directions on your mattress warranty card.

A properly supported and protected mattress should provide years of comfort and support. By following these simple steps, you will help extend the life of your mattress for night after night of restful sleep.