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Oasis Zero Gravity Massage Chair


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The Oasis Zero Gravity Massage Chair is controlled by a microcomputer, enabling various intelligent massage functions, such as kneading, Swedish, tapping, shiatsu, clapping, rolling, scrapping, vibration and air pressure twisting modes.


Controller and Mobility Information:
• Innovation – Quad Roller Robotic Mechanism (2D), Zero Gravity Position, S-Track Backrest, Back Scanning Technology
• Full Body Automatic Massage Programs and Overall Control - 5 full body and 3 partial body auto programs
• Manual Massage Technics – Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping and Rolling
• Dual Action Massage – Combine Massage Techniques
• Customization – Massage Roller Location: Backrest Massage Height Scanning, Leg rest Length Adjustable, Partial massage (To select any position of backrest as center and perform massage at the range of 3.1" ), Spot massage, Up and Down Position adjustment for Partial and Spot Massage, Adjustable Massage Strength/Speed/Width: 5 levels adjustable Strength/5 levels adjustable Speed/3 levels adjustable Width
• Recline & Restore – Backrest and Leg Rest can move Synchronously and Separately
• Air Squeeze Massage Location – Lumbar, Seat, Arm, Leg, Foot. 5 levels adjustable Intensity
• Auto Timer – 5 – 30 minute options
• Controller – LCD Display
• Plus Functions – Vibration at seat rest
• Installation – Designed for easy Installation, moving and maintenance: Built in castors for easy moving, Malfunction automatic self-check program
Benefits of Massage:
• Relieves back pain, muscle tension and soreness
• Improves blood circulation
• Relieves headaches, migraines, and improves sleep
• Raises Alertness
• Promotes mental clarity and relaxation, helps to relieve anxiety and depression
• Relieves pressure on nerves
• Decreases tension and improves flexibility—massaging helps loosen tight and strained muscles
• Manage Anxiety And Depression: Massage reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, resulting in lifted spirits and often lower blood pressure
• Increases endorphin levels: Endorphins are the 'feel good' chemicals that run through the body
• 1 year labor with in-home service, 2 years on all parts
Dimensions and Weight:
• Massage Chair – 47.3 H x 35 W x 56 D, Weight - 235.8 lbs.