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Serenity 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair


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The Serenity 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair has a new 3D massage mechanism that allows for a deep tissue massage, rollers can travel back and forward of almost 3 inches. It features one touch zero gravity positioning, this is the best position to improve circulation and reduce swelling in your legs. The twin rollers mimic the feel of the human thumb, enhancing the massage experience. It also features 64 air bags around the neck, shoulder, back, seat, arms, palms, calves, and soles for extra comfort as it cradles the body like a glove for increased massage effectiveness. It also automatically detects the whole body's curve as well as make micro adjustments, which brings more humanistic and scientific massage enjoyment.

The massage chair has 8 unique auto-programs which includes gentle, relax, therapy, demo, vigorous, Swedish, Thai, and Chinese. It also has a manual massage mode with 6 options being 5 levels of speed, intensity, and three kinds of width adjustable respectively. The buttocks vibration massage offers air bubble-like massages to your skin through gentle rhythmic vibration that helps eliminate weariness and improve overall health. It has an adjustable air squeezing massager for the shoulder for effective massaging. The heating therapy in the lumbar allows for more flexibility when it comes to the perfect massage. The wheel kneading massage for the sole (Thai sole Gua Sha massage) gives extra variety for relaxation. It has LED lights, mp3 input, and speakers in the headrest cover to further enhance your massaging experience. It has an auto-timer function from 5 minutes to 30 minutes for great flexibility.


Benefits of Massage:
• Reduces or eliminates pain
• Improves joint mobility
• Improves blood circulation
• Improves immune system
• Increases lymphatic drainage
• Reduces depression and anxiety
• Reduces tension
• Increases body awareness
• 3D Massage Mechanism
• One Touch Zero Gravity Position
• Twin Rollers
• 64 Total Air Bags
• Automatic Whole Body Curve Detection
• 8 Unique Auto-Programs
• 6 Option Manual Massage
• Heating Therapy in the Lumbar
• LED Lights, MP3 Input, and Speakers
• Auto Timer
• Massage Chair - 50 H x 30 W x 52 D