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Max Dog Bed


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The Sealy Max Dog Bed is a revolutionary new canine sleeping surface with unbeatable craftsmanship, durability and design. Anyone whose dog is in fact his or her best friend knows a dog cannot sleep just anywhere. Why not give the dog the same comfort pet owners give themselves with a trusted brand like Sealy and a bed like the Sealy Max Dog Bed? Perfect for each canine companion, this dog bed features Quad Layer Technology. The Cooling Energy Gel layer is important when keeping a dog's sleeping environment the correct temperature for optimal comfort. A Pet Rest Memory Foam layer conforms to a dog's body shape and increases circulation for better sleep. Finally, Bio Green Orthopedic Foam promotes freshness while a Pro Charcoal Base absorbs pet odors. The Sealy Max Dog Bed, perfect for pampering any pooch, is available in multiple sizes and is a fashionable shade of dark brown with beige trim and interior.


• The Cooling Energy Gel keeps dogs cool and comfortable
• PetRest Memory Foam conforms to body shape and increases circulation
• Bio Green Orthopedic Foam provides freshness
• Pro Charcoal Base absorbs odor

Dimensions and Weight:
• Small - 5.5 H x 20 W x 25 D and 5.5 lbs.
• Medium - 7 H x 28 W x 36 D and 12 lbs.
• Large - 8 H x 32 W x 42 D and 17 lbs.