Serta iComfort Mattress

The most important tech reveal of 2017

Serta iComfort® TempTouch

An advanced memory foam with revolutionary cooling technology. Designed to support every curve of your body.


Technology to power off



Serta iComfort®
Blue Touch 100 9.75" Gentle Firm

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Serta iComfort®
Blue Touch 300 11.25" Firm

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Serta iComfort®
Blue Touch 500 11.25" Plush

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Serta iComfort® TempTouch™

A memory foam mattress with revolutionary cooling technology.

Gel Memory Foam

Premium gel memory foam cradles and supports every curve of your body for the pressure-relieving comfort you need.

Cooling Technology

Memory foam with revolutionary gel cooling technology and an advanced temperature regulation system that helps you find your right sleeping temperature.

Value & Innovation

Unbeatable value at $1299 only available at Mattress Firm.