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tulo 10" Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress

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    Why Our Sleep Experts™ Love It

    "You will not only sleep cooler but much more comfortable with this mattress!"- Odessa Ferraro, Sleep Expert

    Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers
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    Great value, durable construction and a unique infusion of naturally clean materials meet in our exclusive tulo 10” Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress. Side sleepers will like the pressure-relieving, contouring comfort; back sleepers will love the slight elevation lift for their legs. And everyone loves how clean this mattress feels, so it’s ideal for couples making a compromise. Plus, hollow-celled bamboo threads in the stretch knit cover allow optimal airflow, while green tea in the memory foam fights germs for a longer-lasting, more durable mattress. Plus, the layer of support foam provides a sag-free, firm foundation that keeps your spine aligned.