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Molecule 3" CopperWELL w/ HEXFLO Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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    Improve your sleep quality and recover faster sleeping on the MOLECULE 3" CopperWELL™ Mattress Topper with HexFLO™ Memory Foam. Experience MOLECULE’s patent-pending HexFLO™ Surface Technology with 7-zones of dynamically responsive support, pressure relief, and airflow. The CopperWELL™ Topper features copper-infused memory foam with an open-cell structure for improved breathability and heat transfer, providing the ideal temperature for optimized rest and wellness. The MOLECULE CopperWELL™ Topper is compatible with all mattresses, transforming any existing mattress into a brand new bed.

    The HexFLO™ precision-contoured zoned surface technology offers targeted full-body support where you need it most and enhanced airflow. The HexFLO™ technology actively dissipates heat through contoured channels in the foam of the topper, increasing airflow and temperature regulation. No matter which side you sleep on, the 7-zones give continuous contouring comfort and cradle the heavier parts of the body to achieve proper spinal alignment and pressure relief.

    With decades of scientific research, MOLECULE is trusted by elite athletes, including Russell Wilson, Alex Morgan, and Michael Phelps, helping them rest and recover while they sleep to maximize their performance during the day. Rest assured, all foam used in MOLECULE products is manufactured to the strictest environmental standards, CertiPUR-US® certified, and made in the USA.