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Thomasville Adjustable Gel Wedge Pillow

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    Elevate your body and your comfort with the Thomasville Adjustable Gel Wedge Pillow. The supportive and gentle sloping wedge shape allows you to easily and comfortably elevate your upper body, perfect for watching TV, reading a book, or working on your laptop while the gradual incline brings great benefits such as aiding in circulation and posture, reducing snoring, and relieving acid reflux and heartburn. The removable insert allows you to adjust the height of the pillow from 10’’ to 7’’, making it simple for you to find just the right degree of elevation for your comfort. The removable cover quickly zips off.


      Removable insert allows you to adjust from 10"down to 7"

      1"gel-enhanced memory foam comfort layer

      Supportive foam core with gentle, gradual incline

      Wedge elevates your upper body for personal comfort

      Helps reduce snoring, relieves acid reflux and heartburn

      Removable washable zip-off cover

      Allow approximately 24-48 hours to expand to its full height


      Adjustable Height - 10"H x 24"W x 24"L
      About thomasville
      Thomasville's quality and expertise continuously paves the path for innovative, luxurious sleep solutions that change the way you think about sleep. Thomasville Adjustable Air Beds produce a quality product that will provide you with a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep for years to come. Designed with comfort, support, innovation, quality and timeless design in mind - features you deserve and expect from Thomasville®.
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