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Importance of a Pillow

For many people, deciding which type of pillow they need is just as difficult as choosing a new mattress. Pillows provide crucial support to your head and neck at night, which affects how the rest of your body feels in the morning. The best pillow should relax you and relieve tension as soon as you lie down to ease falling asleep.

If you're waking up with neck pain or struggling with conditions like sleep apnea or snoring, it's time to invest in a new pillow. You'll give your head proper support, keep your body in healthy alignment and encourage deeper, higher-quality rest.

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All Positions

Explore the best pillows for multiple sleeping positions. Our pillow selection caters to a wide range of budgets and sleep preferences, so you can find the perfect pillow.

Side Sleeper

The best pillow for side sleepers should fill the gap between the head and the shoulder and provide ample support in order to keep the spine properly aligned.

Stomach Sleeper

The best pillow for stomach sleepers should gently cradle the intricate features of the face and the ear and provide the necessary contouring for proper spinal alignment.

Back Sleeper

The best pillow for back sleepers is a pillow that elevates the head high enough to keep the back straight so that the pressure on the shoulders and hips is reduced.


What type of pillow is right for you?

Down Pillow Type

Reminiscent of luxurious hotel beds, down pillows carry a certain touch of glamour. Down pillows deliver a conforming, plush response and have impressive longevity. Though a down pillow is known for its warmth, it insulates without trapping heat, so your body is still able to regulate temperature.

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Cooling Pillow Type

Like mattresses, pillows can affect your temperature during the night. If your body is too warm, you’ll have a hard time getting quality rest. Cooling pillows limit heat retention, using a combination of ventilation and materials to dissipate heat and help you sleep better.

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Memory Foam Pillow Type

Memory foam's adaptable nature gives it a slower response time and a more supportive feel. Memory foam pillows are available in a variety of comfort levels, from soft to extra firm, while shredded-memory-foam pillows offer a breathable feel, and cooling memory foam pillows help with temperature regulation.

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Latex Pillow Type

Naturally breathable and free of chemicals, latex pillows offer support and temperature regulation throughout the night. Foam latex pillows don’t need to be re-fluffed throughout the night and are available in a range of comfort levels for different sleep positions.

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Gel Memory Foam Pillow Type

Memory foam pillows filled with gel help keep the pillow cool, consistent and firm. The gel cooling filling prevents the pillow from flattening, but it can be molded or re-shaped for additional comfort. Gel memory foam pillows are new to the market and combine the two features into one.

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Hypoallergenic Pillow Type

Ideal for allergy sufferers, hypoallergenic pillows are engineered to keep away dust mites. The covers are typically treated with antimicrobial silver chloride that inhibits the bacteria, mold and mildew that cause deterioration stains and odors.

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Best-Rated Pillow Reviews

“I’ve had this pillow for over 3 years now, I plan on only repurchasing and sleeping with this pillow until the day I die.”


Malouf Carbon Cool Pillow

“Expensive but totally worth it. We don’t wake up having neck pain anymore and I love that you can take the insert out and make it more flat.”

Kim g

PureCare SoftCell Chill Hybrid Cooling Pillow

“I absolutely love this pillow. It fits just right in the crook of my neck and doesn't go flat at night. When I turn on my side and pull it toward me, again, it cradles my neck so nicely.”


Beautyrest Black Ice Memory Foam Pillow

“I have always had a hard time finding comfy pillows. I’m a competitive cyclist and I train hard so I need a super comfy pillow that I can relax and recover with while sleeping. This pillow is so comfy it’s like sleeping on a cushiony cloud. I love it!!”


Malouf Gelled Microfiber Pillow

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different pillow sizes?

    There are a lot of factors when choosing the perfectly sized pillow. How many you'll need, how big your bed is and how you'll use them all play a factor. A king size pillow or body pillow can make you feel enveloped and snuggled into a smaller bed. A standard or queen size pillow on a big bed can make you feel like you have a lot more room. There are no rules, other than to make sure you're sleeping perfectly.

    And we've got the kids covered, too! Whether you've got a full house or are expecting your first child, we have kids pillows and pregnancy pillows catered to youngsters and pregnant moms alike.

  • What is pillow loft?

    Pillow loft has three categories. Low loft, which is less than four inches thick, works best for stomach sleepers who normally sink deep into the mattress. Medium loft, which is between five and six inches, is great for back sleepers who sink minimally in the mattress. And high loft, which is more than seven inches in thickness, generally works best for side sleepers who lie on top of the mattress without sinking.

    The height of the pillow is completely up to you, but different lofts provide different perks.

  • Why are pillow protectors and pillowcases important?

    Pillow protectors are staples of a healthy sleep environment and extend the pillow’s lifespan. From zippered to waterproof to hypoallergenic, keep your pillows covered to prevent any breakdown in the material construction.

    Pillowcases can be customized by coming in a ton of different fabrics and multiple pillowcase sizes. Common materials that make up our cases are cotton, polyester, Tencel and cooling fabric.

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