Your bedroom plays a major role in your quality of sleep each night. Everything in it—windows, temperature, flooring, design, decor—has the potential to affect your state of mind before you fall asleep and when you wake up every morning.

Though your mattress and bed should be your priority when thinking about revamping your bedroom, you shouldn’t overlook your furniture. If your bedroom isn’t putting you in a calm and relaxed state of mind when you’re in it, the best mattress in the world won’t take away feelings of stress and anxiety when you get into bed at night.

Take some time to imagine how your bedroom could better serve you as you peruse our generous selection of bed sets, futons, and pet accessories. We also don’t leave out your little one; featuring a variety of baby cribs, dressers and changing tables, their nursery will be as tranquil and comfortable as your own. For cuddly pets taking up too much space in bed at night, invest in a luxuriously soft pet bed to give them space that’s all their own—so that you can get the sleep you need.

Whatever you choose, focus on what you need to make your bedroom a space that feels calm and relaxing. Choose bedroom furniture that will encourage you to wind down and get into a restful state of mind at night and help you wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated each morning. Everything in our curated furniture selection can do just that.

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