BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket


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  • Choose from a variety of color options to fit your unique style.
  • When selecting the weight of a BlanQuil, personal preference and mobility issues should always be considered first. After that, a general guideline many use is 8-15% of your body weight.
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  • Product Overview

    The BlanQuil™ Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket is the perfect solution for those who sleep warm or live in warmer climates but wish to enjoy the deep touch stimulation provided by a BlanQuil Weighted Blanket. Deep Touch Stimulation is that calm and soothing feeling when you experience a hug by a loved one to reduce stress and anxiety. Just like the original BlanQuil Weighted Blanket, the BlanQuil Chill can also provide a calming, soothing effect making it ideal for relaxing and winding down. The cover promotes a cutting-edge fabric that is noticeably cool to the touch for up to the first 20 minutes of use, allowing you plenty of time to drift off into deep sleep under the evenly distributed weight of the eco-friendly glass beads. Studies have shown weighted blankets reduce movement during the night which can allow longer periods in the deeper, most rejuvenating sleep cycles. The weighted cooling blanket’s ultra-breathable fabric wicks away moisture and actively absorbs body heat to for a cooler night’s rest. Experience the soothing effect of what many consider the ‘best cooling weighted blanket’. *Engineered to be about 8%-15% of your body weight. Recommended options are 15 LB Weighted Blanket for individuals between 99-149 Lbs. and 20 LB Weighted Blanket for individuals between 150 LBS +



    Imagine your mattress taking a deep breath with you as soon as you lie on it. The ventilated materials help to ensure consistent airflow through this mattress during the night.


    Materials in this mattress can reduce allergens that can trouble those with common allergies.
  • Specs
    • Cooling Chill Duvet
    • 5 x 5" Stitched Squares to Keep Micro-Beads in Place for Even Weight Distribution
    • Weighted Insert with Support Ties
    • Quilted Outer Cover is Removable
    • Weighted Blanket Promotes "Compression Therapy" to Lower Stress Levels and Improve Sleep and Relaxation
    • Machine Washable and Dryer Friendly
    • 48" W x 74" L
    • Weight: 15 Lbs.
    • 48" W x 74" L
    • Weight: 20 Lbs.
    Product Code: mfiV000247892
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    1 Year Warranty

    This product is covered by a 1 Year Warranty. All defects will be replaced directly at 888-573-7559.