Is a Clearance Mattress Right for You?

Is a Clearance Mattress Right for You?

Deciding Between A New Mattress & A Clearance Mattress

According to The Better Sleep Council, the average person spends about one-third of his/her life in bed. In all likelihood, there is no piece of furniture in your home that you use more than your mattress, making it all the more important to choose one that will keep you sleeping happy for years to come.

If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress, you are probably aware that there are several brands to choose from, and most offer a more affordable gently used mattress option. You may wonder – why would anyone want a pre-owned mattress, and is it worth the discount? We’re here to bust some of the myths around mattress clearances and fill you in on the pros and cons of buying a used mattress.

What’s The Definition of Used Or Clearance Mattress

What is the definition of a “used” mattress? A mattress can be considered “used” for several reasons:

  1. The Mattress Was Returned

    It can take your body a minimum of 30 nights to adjust to a new bed, so Mattress Firm offers guests a 100-day Happiness Guarantee in case, ultimately, they are unable to adjust. These beds have been in someone’s home for no more than 100 days and are still in great condition.

  2. The Mattress Has Been Scratched Or Dented

    Sometimes in transit, beds get scuffed or damaged. They still make for a comfortable sleeping surface so we mark them down and make them available in our clearance section.

  3. The Mattress Is A Floor Model

    When it’s time to switch to a new line or we need to make room on the showroom floor, we’ll sometimes mark floor models down, which results in great savings for our guests.

The Pros & Cons Of Buying A Used Mattress

If you buy a clearance mattress, you should do so with the understanding that a portion of its recommended eight years of use has been reduced. For this reason alone, pre-owned mattresses can mean big savings for consumers. A used mattress is also a great option for a guest room or second home, where the bed will only be used a few times out of the year. Buying a quality brand at an affordable price often makes the most sense for a mattress that won’t be used every single night, and most discount mattresses are still in great shape, if lightly used.

Are Clearance Mattresses Sanitary?

Before being placed in the store clearance section, each used mattress undergoes a thorough step-by-step sanitation process to ensure that it’s ready for its next owner. Keep in mind that if you purchase a pre-owned mattress, it will not be covered by our 100-day happiness guarantee for money back or exchange. However, standard measures are taken to ensure your new mattress is cleaned before it is put on sale.

We know that purchasing a used mattress isn’t for everyone; however, even at our clearance locations, we carry all the best brands at the best prices. You can use our handy Mattress Firm store-finder tool to find a clearance center or regular store location near you. Remember, just because you can keep your mattress forever doesn’t mean you should! We recommend replacing your mattress every eight years, or sooner if it’s used, to eliminate saturation, dead skin cells, dust and uncomfortable dips that may have appeared over time. Happy sleeping!

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  1. What is the sanitation process for a preowned mattress? Is it guaranteed? I.e. If we find bed bugs can we return it?

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