Which mattress brand is best? All of them – because rest is best!

Promising the Moon and Stars: What Mattress Brand is the Best?

What Is The Best Mattress Brand On The Market?

These days we have so many mattress brands to choose from to get a good night’s rest that narrowing down the perfect fit can be a difficult decision. From foam to innerspring, each mattress brand has a grouping of unique offerings. I’m here to help you get to know some of these brands a little better so you can find the bed that suits you best.

Classic Brands

Classic Brands Mattresses have been a leader in the field of specialty sleep products since 1971. They began as a leading producer of waterbeds and waterbed products, but today they offer an innovative line up of memory foam and latex mattresses that offer an optimum sleeping experience. Fun fact – the average tenure of a Classic Brand employee is over 20 years! Classic Brands prides itself on its skilled craftsman who take the greatest pride in building quality products.


Eclispe Mattresses began in the 1890s when its founding brothers immigrated to New York City from a small town outside of Ukraine. Today they operate 37 factories across 6 continents, and continue to honor the traditions they were founded upon. They are all about memory foam mattresses that combine timeless traditions with innovative technologies to improve the sleep experience.

Hampton and Rhodes

Hampton and Rhodes Mattresses are exclusive to Mattress Firm, offering firm, plush, pillow top and soy-based memory foam that adds an extra level of comfort while making the mattress easier to put a sheet on when making the bed. Known for a more traditional feel with simple and durable designs, Hampton and Rhodes is now the sixth largest mattress manufacturer in the United States.

Lux Living

Lux Living Mattress is another brand that is exclusive to Mattress Firm, taking pride in their American-made products that provide you with high-end quality at a reasonable price. Their mattresses use materials like latex and memory foam to provide support and comfort for many years to come.


Natura Mattresses aims to give even the littlest of sleepers a “greener healthier sleep solution.” Natura gathers eco-friendly materials from countries around the world with sustainable and renewable resource programs. With natural materials like coconut coir and organic cotton, the Organix II Crib mattress aids overall health and well-being. This mattress is also certified organic and guaranteed free of harmful chemicals/off-gassing to provide newborns with a healthy sleep environment.


Serta is crowned the largest mattress brand in the United States and the Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation. With attention to detail and consistent investment in mattress innovation and technology, Serta mattresses bring relaxation and rejuvenation night after night to children, teens, adults, and even newborns. In the past, Serta has been known for its A-list partnerships with the likes of Vera Wang and the Bellagio hotel.


Beautyrest has been in the mattress business for more than 100 years, designing a wide variety of mattress types including firm, plush, ultra-plush, luxury plush, firm pillow top, luxury pillow top and many other models. Beautyrest mattresses make up one of their most popular lines, providing durability and comfort through the use of hybrid technologies. As a testament to how comfortable these mattresses are, 18 of the top 20 hotel brands use Beautyrest mattresses.

Snuggle Home

Snuggle Home Mattresses are brought to you by the same company that sells that amazing smelling fabric softener! Representing down to earth family values and comfort, Snuggle Home’s mattresses bring in the warm, playful spirit of their iconic character, the Snuggle Bear. To assure long-lasting sleep at night, their mattresses have been designed and crafted to deliver fresh, cozy comfort night after night with the help from some of the most advanced comfort materials.

What’s your preferred mattress brand? Everyone has a favorite, so feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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