Size Matters: Upgrade Your Valentines Day on a Budget

Worried your funds won’t stretch far enough to give your loved one a Valentine’s Day to remember? Don’t sweat! Mattress Firm is here to share our favorite thoughtful ideas and gifts that won’t break the bank… or your partner’s heart. Here are five tips our Mattress Firm team is sure will help upgrade your Valentine’s Day and still leave a little extra change in your pocket come February 15.

Don’t bust your budget on eating out.

You don’t have to resort to fast-casual dining to save money (but if you’re jonesing for a burger, we won’t judge you). If dining is part of your Valentine’s Day plans, there are several less expensive ways to enjoy a romantic meal for two. Cook at home, go out for just cocktails or even skip dinner altogether and spring for dessert only.

Do something (free, but incredibly) thoughtful.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to prove your love. There are plenty of ways to show you care through smaller acts of kindness that leave a big impact. Some of our favorites:

  • Cook your partner’s favorite meal (bonus points for cleaning up afterward!)
  • Write a letter expressing how much you appreciate them
  • Wash their car
  • Let them pick the TV show or movie for the evening
  • Have a cup of coffee (or tea) waiting for them when they wake up

Show them that size matters …

Mattress size, that is! Sure, maybe you’ve talked about upgrading to a bigger bed but haven’t wanted to put in the financial investment. Now is the perfect time to finally get the mattress of your dreams at Mattress Firm’s Big Price Drop. For the first time ever, we’ve dropped the price on all king size mattresses to the price of a queen mattress, and the prize on all queen size mattresses to the price of a twin mattress. Think: more space to spread out (or cuddle!), more comfortable movie nights and cozier breakfasts in bed. Now you can get the bed of your dreams, without spending more. Basically, upgrade your mattress size without the price increase that accompanies a larger mattress purchase.

Stay in and turn the romance up.

Don’t want to go out? Cozy up indoors with a mini staycation at home. Have a picnic on the floor with candles and soft blankets, bake something sweet together, play a board game, or stream a movie from the comfort of your new king bed! Don’t know what to watch? Start by catching an Oscar contender!

Make new memories together.

Explore new places and check items off your bucket list by visiting local museums in your area or researching free community events, like concerts and plays. Document the entire day and put the memories in a scrapbook or journal to reflect on next year.

As you read, there are many great ways to show your love. Regardless of what you do, though – do something! Even a small gesture like a handwritten note or silly poem will show your Valentine that you’re thinking of them on this special day.

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