Couples Buying Guide for Mattresses

Buying Guide: Couples

Sharing a bed with your significant other can be an intimate and fulfilling experience. Picking out a mattress, however, can be tough with different sleeping styles, sleeping positions and preferences involved. Many times, someone ends up sacrificing individual sleeping preferences and needs to fulfill those of his or her partner.

But it shouldn’t have to be that way! We’ve compiled a guide to help make the mattress buying process easier as a couple — because sleep shouldn’t have to be a sacrifice for anyone. And, no matter which bed you choose, your budget will stretch further at Mattress Firm so that you can get the bed you want at an unbeatable price.

Before Going Into the Store

  • Be upfront about your sleeping needs. Everyone has different sleep preferences — like wanting a soft mattress or a firm mattress, for example — and knowing each other’s wants and needs ahead of time will save some potentially heated conversations down the road.
  • Do your research. Spend some time together looking at what kind of Mattress Firm mattresses are available. Having an idea in mind of what you might want will help your Mattress Firm salesperson better direct you to the best mattress.
  • Create a list of mattress “must-haves” and “can-live-withouts.” Going through this process together can help narrow down things that you both really want to have in the right mattress.
  • Put our helpful shopping checklist to work.

As You’re Shopping

  • It’s essential that you shop for a new mattress as a couple versus shopping separately and comparing finds. We encourage you to test out all the mattresses you’re interested in at one of our Mattress Firm locations— as a couple — to make sure that both partners are comfortable and happy with their choice. Know that when you shop at our stores, your budget stretches further so that you don’t get stuck with a mattress that you’ll end up regretting over the course of the next decade.
  • Experiment with different size mattresses. Sharing a bed with a partner can be rather difficult on a small mattress. Test out a variety of sizes — like queen mattresses and king mattresses — to make sure both partners have plenty of room to sleep peacefully. And, if you’re shopping now, know that you don’t have to sacrifice size for quality. We’re offering unprecedented saving at our Big Price Drop Sale: for the first time ever, you can get a king for the price of a queen — all brands.
  • Think about an adjustable base for your bed. If both partners cannot come to an agreement on the right mattress, an adjustable base may solve your problem!
  • Compromise is key. We will do our best to help you identify a mattress that is best suited for both of your needs; however, finding the right mattress for you both as a couple might require some give and take. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your sleep preferences; but rather, making sure that both of your sleeping needs are met with the mattress you purchase.


At Mattress Firm, we know that bigger does mean better when it comes to your mattress. And we’re here to tell you that bigger is also in your budget, so now is the time to give yourself the luxury of a larger bed, at a price you can afford at Mattress Firm’s Big Price Drop Sale.

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