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10 Scary Movies Worth Losing Sleep Over

From “Saw” to “Scream” and everything in between, scary movies are a surefire way to keep you up at night. Although we’d never usually suggest giving up shuteye for the sake of entertainment, there’s no better way to prepare for Halloween than to trade your popcorn for candy corn, saddle up on the couch and press play on your favorite frightening flick.

Here’s a creepy compilation of our most-beloved horror films, sure to make your nightmares all the more creative:

  1. “The Shining” – An undisputed front-runner on any horror film fanatic’s list, “The Shining’s” combination of stellar acting, a (seriously) chilling location and a psychologically twisted plot make this one of the best thrillers to-date. #REDRUM
  2. “Alien” – Scary in space is an understatement for this movie. The stomach scene (you know the one…) will have you sleeping with the lights on for days, and opting to stay earthbound rather than signing up for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.
  3. “Psycho” – Hitchcock at his best and one of the original slasher films, this suspenseful flick will have you screaming for your mom (no pun intended) loud enough to wake the neighbors.
  4. “Carrie” – If you thought high school was hard for you, think again. Not only will it have you tossing and turning, it will undoubtedly make you swear off proms for good.
  5. “Halloween” – Have you been missing Michael Myers? We didn’t think so. This scary, suspenseful and thrilling classic set the standard for modern horror films – we recommend the original one, of course.
  6. “Nightmare on Elm Street” – “Nightmare on Elm Street” will give you just that – a nightmare. Wes Craven manages to combine the perfectly horrifying Freddy Krueger with a gripping screenplay to create this petrifying motion picture.
  7. “Hocus Pocus” – This one may not have you shaking in your sheets, but Hocus Pocus has grown into one of our favorite films to watch during the Halloween season. The Sanderson sisters will brew, bewitch and beguile you right to bed.
  8. “The Conjuring” – We’re not sure about you, but when a horror film is based on a true story, takes place in a secluded farmhouse and involves paranormal activity, we’re sold. This is one you won’t want to miss.
  9. “Poltergeist” – Boo! Nothing says Halloween like ghosts, and nothing says ghosts like “Poltergeist.” Watch this one last with a comforting pillow, as it will have you avoiding your own TV for weeks and suffering with a minor bout of insomnia.
  10. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” – Because no Halloween is complete without a Tim Burton classic, we choose The Nightmare Before Christmas to fit the bill. Don’t let the animation fool you – by combining Halloween and Christmas and giving us the gift of Jack Skellington, this movie will become one of your all-time favorites.
  11. Honorable Mention: “Sleepy Hollow” – Because we lied, one Tim Burton film wasn’t enough, and what better movie to lose sleep over than “Sleepy Hollow?” Also, Johnny Depp.

So if you find yourself grabbing for the remote this Halloween in between candy binges, we hope you commit yourself to one of the many spectacularly spooky films we’ve recommended. On the brighter side, Daylight Saving ends on Sunday morning, meaning that you have one more hour to sleep off your horror-film hangover and restore your healthy sleep habits before the week ahead!

Happy Halloween,

The Daily Dozers

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