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5 Sleep Tips From Our Snoozedoodle

During the search for  Mattress Firm's Snoozetern, we came across a candidate that we just couldn't resist. But instead of a resume and application video, this candidate threw us a bone with his adorable smile, wagging tail and pawesome snoozing skills.

After a unanimous decision, Mattress Firm hired  Otis, a sleepy sheepdoodle, to serve as our first-ever Snoozedoodle. (Because pets deserve a good night's rest too, right?)

As one of his first to-dos on the job, Otis gave us some sleep tips of his own. With an objective to help all pets sleep better, Otis' list can be applied to any and all Mattress Firm customers, not just the four-legged kind :) .

Take a look at Otis' tips below and remind your pet to try them out at home for a night of restful sleeping!

1. Get Plenty of Playtime


There's nothing worse than a long day of sitting around just waiting for your human to come home. What's worse than the waiting is the fact that at the end of the day, you aren't even tired! Get plenty of playtime in during the day, so you're ready for a good night's rest when night comes.

2. Bring on the Toys


What good is having an  awesome bed if you can't have a slumber party every now and then? Go ahead and fill that bed up! Nothing says "cuddle time" like 15 of your favorite toys piled up around you. And if you feel like it, you can share with your human for even more fun!

3. Play Hide and Seek


If they can't see you, they can't wake you. This is my go-to trick whenever I need a few more minutes of shut-eye. A blanket, sheet or pillow should do the trick. Just cover yourself up (don't forget the tail!) and lie very still. They won't even realize you're there! Plus, it's a pretty cozy hiding spot. When in doubt, use puppy eyes to avoid getting kicked out of the bed.

4. Always Jump into Bed


Don't walk, don't run, jump! Leaping into the bed with enthusiasm will help boost your mood (or maybe it's just fun) and help you start your snooze off on the right foot (literally). Also, it's way easier. Sometimes those mattresses are high up!

5. Find Your Happy Place


After circling for the perfect spot, don't forget to appreciate your bed as you settle in. My bed is my happy place (okay, sometimes I sneak a night in my human's bed too), and it reminds me that I have so much to be thankful for! Show your human that you appreciate your sleep space by giving them a big kiss or waking them up before their alarm. After all, a well-rested dog is a happy dog!

Don't forget to try these out at home for a bark-worthy night of sleep. These tips will have you dreaming of squirrels and Saturday strolls!

Stay tuned for more updates with Otis at and visit to browse the best pet bed assortment.

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