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8 Famous Sleep Scenes

Since the beginning to time, sleep has sneaked its way into literature, history, movies and television. From Shakespeare to Hollywood, scripted and unscripted sleep knows how to steal the show.

Here are our 8 most favorite famous sleep scenes:


In Shakespeare's Macbeth, sleep symbolizes guilt in the wake of a murder — yikes! The only thing that makes us feel guilty is when we don't get enough sleep.

Sleeping Beauty

This classic Disney story is pretty much all about Princess Aurora in a sleeping spell. Luckily, Prince Charming was able to wake her.

Nightmare on Elm Street

This makes it onto our list, despite the fact that its overall message of "Don't Go to Sleep" is the opposite of everything we believe in. Freddy Krueger would get you while you slept, making a whole community sleep deprived in the '80s.

George from Seinfeld

After a late night with very little sleep, George has an amazing nap pod built under his desk. Nothing like secretly shrinking your sleep debt! We won't tell the boss.

Sleepless in Seattle

Finding love is daunting, and definitely can be cause for some restless nights. This 90s classic doesn't really have much to do with sleep, but it's a great little love story. For its name alone, we're including it.

Vice President Joe Biden

In April 2011, Vice President Biden was caught dozing during a speech by President Obama addressing national debt. It must not have offended his boss too much, though, because we all know their bromance is still alive.

“Bae Caught Me Sleeping"

The internet is a funny place. For a hot minute in 2013 it was viral frenzy where people would share photos of themselves sleeping and make it seem as though their significant other took the photo (i.e. "Bae caught me sleeping"). But the photos were intentionally staged; they would show reflections proving the "sleeper" was actually taking the photo.

Corinne from The Bachelor

The villain of Nick Viall's season of the bachelor is a big fan of naps. She's been caught skipping out on girl talk, cocktail parties and the infamous rose ceremony to catch her Z's.

What are some of your favorite famous sleep scenes or stories over the years? Share with us in the comments below!

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