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8 Things to do Before Your Honeymoon

After months and months of planning, your big day is almost here! Your wedding weekend is certain to be one of the most special moments of your life, and you will be on cloud nine. But, by Sunday or Monday, you will be blissfully exhausted, and that’s where your honeymoon comes in. Before you leave, there are a few items that may need to be wrapped up that aren’t currently on your radar.

Before you jet off to paradise to start your happily ever after, be sure that you have a plan to tackle these 8 post-wedding/pre-honeymoon tasks:

  1. Return your Rentals. Plan to return any rented items, such as suits/tuxes and accessories, the next business day. Extra days can rack up quickly, yielding unforeseen costs. And, be sure to return everything at once; don’t return the tux without the show rental. Put a responsible bridesmaid or groomsman in charge of tracking down these items to make the process easier.
  2. Deal with Decorations (and Dessert!). Dealing with decorations after the wedding can be a hassle, and you may want to collect items you want to save as soon as possible. At some venues, left over décor will be thrown away if arrangements aren’t made. Think you’ll have leftover wedding cake? Consider arranging to-go box options with your venue to allow your guests to take it with them as they leave. And, everyone knows it’s good luck for the newlyweds to freeze some leftover cake to eat on their one-year anniversary. Be sure to discuss this with your venue in advance and assign a family member or friend to take the leftovers home with them after the wedding for you to retrieve after your honeymoon.
  3. Grab your Gifts. Ask a friend or family member to collect any gifts or cards received at the wedding and store them until you return from your honeymoon. This same friend might also be kind enough to go to your house each day while you’re on your honeymoon to ensure any wedding gifts that arrive while you’re out of town are safely retrieved from your doorstep.
  4. Address the Dress. Whether you decide to keep it or sell it, a good rule of thumb is to have your dress cleaned after your wedding to help preserve the life of your dress. Putting this off could result in extra cleaning costs in the future as stains settle, and could cost a fortune depending on the material. Don’t have time? Arrange to have a friend or family member drop off your dress at a specialist.
  5. Monitor your Money. Do your future self a favor – settle outstanding payments with vendors prior to leaving. Be sure to also accommodate regularly scheduled payments you have on the way, such as your credit card payment and utility bills. Also, tell your bank about your upcoming plans to avoid having your card locked while you’re traveling when you try to use it in an unusual location.
  6. Leaving the country? Check your passport. Although this is a task that should be done months before your wedding, it’s important enough to make this list. You may be Mrs. McDreamy when you leave for your honeymoon, your legal name is still Miss Grey until you go to the social security office and show them a copy of your marriage license. Book your honeymoon flights in your maiden name, and be sure that your passport hasn’t expired. It takes at least 2 weeks (with expedited charges) to renew your passport, so check this ASAP! Also, be sure to review the specific travel requirements for your honeymoon destination. Will you need a tourist visa? An eTA? What are the rules for customs? Be prepared ahead of time to avoid an unexpected moment of paperwork-related panic at the airport.
  7. Pack Practically. When you are packing for your big trip, start early! Packing for your honeymoon is the last thing you want to worry about the week of your wedding. Include essentials like chargers and adapters to keep your electronic devices up and running while you’re away. Separate your items into your carry-on and checked bags to keep your essentials accessible. Planning your wardrobe? Do research on your destination so your prepared for any activity.
  8. Rest up! Make it a goal to maintain healthy sleep habits in the weeks leading up to your wedding and honeymoon. Lack of sleep can put a damper on any vacation so get plenty of rest and remember to stay hydrated. Be prepared for a shift in your sleep schedule and make it a point to give yourself time to adjust. If you thought to put a mattress on your registry (you’re so smart!), you’ll even be able to pamper yourself with a few good night’s rest in a new bed to make sure you’re ready for the big event!

Taking care of these tasks before you leave will help alleviate stress and allow you to focus on enjoying your vacation. Prepare for some much-needed relaxation, you’ve earned it! Now the question is – which part will you love more? Your wedding, or your honeymoon? #ToughCall. Happy honeymooning!

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