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9 Strange Places to Sleep

Do you ever wish you could wake up to the sight of fish swimming outside your bedroom window? Does spending the night in a room made entirely of ice sound appealing? Here are some of the weirdest places on the planet that will let you live out some of these dreams:

4 of the Weirdest Places To Sleep Across the Globe

  1. The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is the first (and largest) hotel in the world to be built from ice and snow. Construction is a year-round process, according to the hotel's website. Thousands of tons of ice from the nearby Torne River are harvested in March and kept in cold storage until November, when construction on each year's new hotel begins. The spacious rooms created by ice sculptors can be as cold as minus five degrees. The hotel is open from December through April, when the ice starts melting. If Sweden is a bit too far to travel, the Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada, also offers sub-zero accommodations.
  2. It's back to Sweden for another overnight adventure - sleeping underwater. The Utter Inn (utter is Swedish for otter) offers simple accommodations for visitors who want to wake up with the fish and other aquatic life. According to the website, guests climb three meters down from a floating bridge to an underwater bedroom with three large glass windows. If you want slightly more luxurious underwater accommodations, Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Fla. features a cottage-sized underwater building (accessible only by SCUBA diving) with a hot shower, well-stocked kitchen, videos and music. Pizza delivery is even available, according to the website. Construction is underway for other underwater hotels, including The Poseidon Underwater Resort in Fiji and the Water Discus Underwater Hotel in the United Arab Emirates.
  3. If perching among treetops is more to your liking, try an overnight stay in a treehouse hotel. The Costa Rica Treehouse Lodge features a split-level building on stilts, according to the website. All the furniture is carved from sustainable wood and the detached bathroom can be found in a 100-year-old Sangrillo tree. For more adventurous tree climbers, the Cedar Creek Treehouse at Mt. Ranier, Washington, offers accommodations at 50 feet above ground. And in case you've already decided to travel to Sweden for the above-mentioned attractions, you might consider a visit to the Tree Hotel, where you can stay in a suite shaped like a bird's nest, a UFO, a futuristic mirrored cube, or a tree sauna.
  4. For ecologically-minded individuals who wish to be close to nature but still want all the amenities of a luxurious hotel, "glamping," or glamorous camping, is worth a try. Glamping Hub features glamping sites on every continent except Antarctica, with accommodations such as yurts, tipis, grass huts, ecopods, igloos, safari tents, and geodesic domes. There are glamping opportunities for almost every whim, such as desert safari camping complete with aardvark, hyena and meerkat sightings in Botswana, luxury tents on a coconut plantation in Indonesia, a glamping barrel in the heart of the Italian Alps, and eco-friendly houseboats that float on the Great Slave Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories.
  5. 5 of the Strangest Places To Sleep in the United States

    Some other unusual overnight accommodations in the U.S., according to CNN Travel, include the following:

  6. Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Id. looks like a fusion of Snoopy and the Trojan horse. Inside the nine-meter high structure there's a bedroom and a loft with all the latest doggie decor.
  7. If your bucket list includes sleeping in a cave, two places on the CNN Travel list will fit the bill. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Arkansas' Ozark Mountains is exactly what the name implies - a lodge nestled inside a huge cave that also houses a natural waterfall.
  8. In Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Breakfast in Farmington, New Mexico, you'll find petrified wood and plant fragments adorning the walls.
  9. Mid-twentieth century America is celebrated at the Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court in Bisbee, Az. Visitors stay in a restored vintage travel trailer, complete with diner-style booths, record players, black and white TVs, and martini glasses.
  10. There is even a hotel that caters to the sleep deprived. In May, the Corinthia Hotel in London launched a "sumptuous sleep retreat," based on research and guest feedback that found "a great night's sleep is becoming the ultimate luxury," according to the website. A sleep expert and a nutritionist have partnered to educate guests about sleep techniques and healthy sleep-inducing food.

Spending the night in an exotic place will an exciting and memorable experience, but when you return home, it may be time to evaluate your mattress. If it's more than five to seven years old, is sagging or feels lumpy, or simply isn't comfortable, replacing it will help you get the good quality sleep you need to stay healthy.

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