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Avoid the 4th of July Hangover with these 6 Tips to Sleep

It's Fourth of July Eve. You've got your plans for the 4th all mapped out and you're ready to partake in a splendid American celebration of independence, freedom, hot dogs, fireworks and beer! But if you think back to last year's Independence Day festivities, once the hot dog eating contest was over and the sparklers burned out, you went to bed (we wouldn't call it sleep) and probably awoke in your cutoff jorts and star-spangled tank top to a horrible, albeit familiar, sensation: the post-4 th-of-July hangover. Here are a few reasons you will inevitably feel this way, and how you can attempt to prevent it. Good luck!

6 Sleep Tips to Avoid a 4th of July Hangover

  1. Drunk on Patriotism

    Americans buy more than 68 million cases of beer in the two weeks surrounding July 4, according to The Neilsen Company, making it the top-selling beer holiday in the United States. While beer may actually help you pass out earlier on Saturday night, alcohol actually prevents you from getting deep sleep, so make sure you drink a few big glasses of water before bed time and continue to hydrate the following morning to prevent the dehydration caused by hangovers.

  2. Junk Food Junky

    In addition to the beer you will probably be drinking, you may decide to eat one (or 10) of the estimated 150 million hot dogs that are eaten every 4th of July. Not a hot dog person? You can expect to find hamburgers, BBQ, and other cookout alternatives to go with that beer! What you might not expect, is that eating heavy junk food before bedtime can cause heartburn and other digestive issues that lead to disruptions in your sleep cycle. If you're going to indulge in some junk food, make sure you stop eating it several hours before bedtime.

  3. Summer Sweat

    Temperatures are soaring throughout the country, and your sleep is likely suffering because of it. To ensure your living space is conducive to restful sleep, your bedroom temperature should be between 65 and 72 degrees, according to experts. Cooler temperatures cause sleepiness and help us to sleep better, so make sure your thermostat is set correctly before you stumble into bed.

  4. The Fireworks

    Per the "rockets' red glare" bit of our national anthem, 4th of July celebrations would be incomplete without an amazing display of fireworks. Time Magazine estimated that the U.S. would spend around $675 million on fireworks in 2014, and they expect to surpass that in 2015 with the 4th falling on a Saturday. The thing about fireworks is that people are setting them off all throughout the weekend. Though you may have just left the local fireworks display, there's always those die hard patriots that spend four figures on a variety of other fireworks. This means your sleep may be even more disrupted than expected, as you wake up periodically throughout the night to the sound of the explosives going off (or your fur-baby jumping into your bed scared from the loud noises). You may want to acquire some ear plugs to help shut out the sporadic booms and pops of the fireworks, or have some sort of white noise playing while you sleep so your subconscious isn't as surprised by those noises. If you don't have a white noise machine at home, there's an app for that!

  5. Kids, Babies and Fur-babies

    If you're a parent of young children, you should be fully prepared for them to come bounding into your room bright and early, still riding the patriotic high from the night before. If not your kids, your furry best friend may have a similar plan in store, nudging you awake for his breakfast routine. If you have the resources, consider hiring a babysitter to work a morning shift so you can catch some extra Zzzz. Also, consider crating your pup for the night - we know locking up your fur-baby is painful, but it will hurt way less than your head tomorrow morning! Otherwise, just mentally prepare yourself for that "homemade alarm" on Sunday morning.

  6. Don't Sleep In

    No, really. Since the 4th falls on a Saturday this year, you may be more inclined to sleep in on Sunday morning. What you may not be aware of, is that going to bed late and waking up later will disrupt your sleep cycle. You'll have more energy throughout Sunday night, causing an even ruder awakening come Monday morning. Do your best to wake up at a normal time on Sunday morning, this will help you get back to bed at a more reasonable time on Sunday night, so you can wake up Monday morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week!

We hope you enjoy all that the fun festivities that July 4 th weekend has to offer, keeping these tips in mind so the 5 th of July can be just as enjoyable.

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