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Bedtime Stories & Fairytales: Santa Claus

For millions of children all over the world, the tale of Santa Claus is what makes the holidays magical. He fills hearts with joy and leaves kids in awe; wondering how one man can do it all and still make it home to the North Pole.

In many traditions, the holidays just wouldn't be the holidays without jolly old Saint Nick.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

Most of us can remember the moment we found out the truth about Santa Claus. We realized that mom and dad are the ones responsible for placing presents under the tree, stuffing our stockings and strategically taking a bite of the cookies we left; leaving us to think it was Santa Claus himself.

Despite this sometimes shocking news, most people still grow up to continue the tradition and tell their own children that Santa climbs down chimneys and leaves presents for the nice and coal for the naughty.

Breaking the News Gently

Although the story is fun and full of magic, there comes a time when parents have to sit their kids down and tell them the truth.

When that day comes, there are a few ways to go about breaking the news.

  • Write your children a letter from Mom and Dad.

    One way to soften the blow is to write a letter to your children explaining who "Santa" really is without ruining the magic of Christmas. Explain that Santa is the spirit of Christmas and while he may not be real, the ideas and traditions that he represents are definitely real and help to teach us the spirit of giving. Click here to read one mother's sweet letter to her children that touched our hearts.

  • Give them a handwritten letter from "Santa."

    Write a letter as Santa and explain to your child that since they are getting older and more mature now, Santa will now be sending presents through their parents. If you have younger children who still believe in Santa, or your child has classmates that still believe, be sure to stress that it's a secret! You don't want an older child to spoil the fun for younger kids.

  • Share the history of Saint Nicholas.

    Santa Claus may not be real, but he is based on a real person. Saint Nicholas was a bishop in present-day Turkey who was notorious for gift-giving and helping the needy. After his death, his legacy continued and eventually grew into the story of Santa Claus.Giving your children a little back story will help them understand the spirit of giving without ruining the magic of Saint Nick.

No matter what you decide to tell your children about Santa Claus, we hope your holidays are filled with joy! Whether Santa is a bedtime story, a fun tradition, or merely a decoration in the background, we hope you are able to enjoy "the most wonderful time of the year" with your family.

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