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5 Things Dads Do Best

Whether you need someone to check under your bed for monsters or cheer you on from the sidelines of a soccer game, you know you can always count on dad. Sure, you may not appreciate it all the time (did he have to wear that shirt to your middle school volleyball game?!), but there’s no denying the impact that dads have in shaping our lives.

From teaching us how to ride a bike to moving us into our dorm in college, we often take for granted all of the things dads do to make our lives better. So, this Father’s Day, our team at Mattress Firm encourages you to take a moment to remember some of the things that the father figure in your life has done that you’ll never forget. Interested in sharing the memories? Enter Mattress Firm’s Father’s Day Sweepstakes for a chance to win the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

No matter how much the father figure in your life embarrasses you, there’s no denying that there are some things dads just do better. Here are some of our favorites…

1. The Basics

Chances are, you have your dad to thank for some of those fundamental life skills that you couldn’t do without.

From riding a bike without training wheels to shaking hands for a job interview, dads always seem to have the answer. Without their list of tips and tricks, we would all be a little worse for the wear  and still riding around on training wheels.

Let’s face it, someday you will be teaching these same skills to your kids, passing dads knowledge down the family line  until your great, great grand-kids know the secret to the perfect grilled cheese (hint: it’s butter. Lots of butter.).

2. Bedtime

From sick days to scary nights, dads are always just a shout away.

Whether it is another bedtime story or toddler nerves mounting over a monster under the bed, bedside manner is what dads know best.

Dads know the cure for every after-dark dilemma — from comfort foot in bed, to just staying in the room through a thunderstorm. Sure, they may not always be the best at bed making, but dads are pros are tucking kids in for a good night’s sleep.

3. Heavy Lifting

Helping a child move is a right of passage, and dads are just happy to be there when you ask them to help with those just-a-little-bit-too-heavy boxes.

Dads believe that no one should ever have to move or pack alone and are always there to help load up a car or carry boxes into a new home. They even jump in to tackle the more challenging items — like mattresses and awkwardly shaped furniture — AND if you’re lucky, they’ll even help you mount your TV.

4. All Things Outdoors

We all remember our first camping trip or outside adventure  and chances are, it was led by dad. With a fanny pack full of bug spray and sunscreen, you can always count on dad to lead the best outdoor adventures.

Whether it’s a fishing trip across the country, or just camping in the backyard, no one makes an adventure more fun than Dad/ Trust us, someday you will be glad you can recognize poison ivy and successfully pitch a tent.

5. Gadgets Galore

While they may not be the most tech-savvy when it comes to social media, dads love gadgets.

From the loudest surround sound speaker to the world’s fastest blender, dads are constantly upgrading and love talking about their new purchases. It sure comes in handy when you move into your first apartment and can’t figure out how to turn on the stove.


No matter what he does best, celebrate the dad in your life this Father’s Day by treating him to a day of well-deserved appreciation and gratitude. Go dads!

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