Mattress Firm team members enjoying our #BEDTalks16 national conference in San Antonio, Texas in March 2016.

An Unexpected and Humbling Honor

Mattress Firm Named to America’s Best Employers List of 2016

The greatest satisfaction we have at Mattress Firm is improving lives one relationship at a time whether it be through finding our guests the right sleep solution, giving back to our community, or developing our growing team. We don’t do this for honors, awards or recognition, but when they come to us, it’s worth celebrating. Forbes recently asked more than 30,000 workers in the United States from companies with more than 5,000 employees to anonymously and honestly answer one defining question: “Would you recommend your company to others?” At the end of the day, there is no group more qualified to assess a company than its own employees. The results were analyzed and presented in Forbes’ “America’s Best Employers 2016” list. Well, I am humbled to share that Mattress Firm was named to that list.

Mattress Firm Core Values & Strategic Pillars Guide The Company

Here at Mattress Firm, our core values aren’t just words in a corporate handbook. Rather, our core values act as guidelines for better business, successful careers, and, ultimately, a corporate culture unlike any other. But developing such a “future-forward” culture starts with collectively identifying and defining our core beliefs. These beliefs are then developed, re-developed and strengthened through a sense of responsibility, leadership, integrity, passion, innovation, teamwork and success. From there, those beliefs take on a deeper, more powerful meaning that’s shared and reinforced every day by every member of the Mattress Firm family. Our core values – integrity, service and passion – are integral to how we operate and make decisions on a daily basis.

Mattress Firm’s Three Strategic Pillars

At Mattress Firm, we have three strategic pillars: culture, company and community, and these pillars drive our corporate vision. We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice, a place where people fall in love with our culture and, more importantly, stay in love. How do we do that? We maintain a culture of clarity, accountability and respect. We trust our employees and they trust us.

We are constantly making sure we connect deeply with and resonate richly with the communities where we operate. Mattress Firm Foster Kids initiative, for example, collects items and raises money for local organizations benefiting foster children in our various markets. While this is just one example of how we ingrain ourselves within the communities in which we serve, initiatives like this speak volumes about our organization and the commitment our employees demonstrate in their communities.

We call our organization the Mattress Firm Family because we are, in fact, a family. We all believe in this organization and we are all committed to offering the very best experience and the very best service, so that we can continue to advance our vision to become America’s preferred choice for sleep. Back in 1986 when we launched our business, our founders had big dreams. Through hard work and dedication to getting the job done, that dream was realized. Today, Mattress Firm has grown from one store in Houston, Texas to more than 2400 locations and 8,000-plus employees nationwide. Without each of you, none of this would be possible. Thank you!

About The Author

Ken Murphy With more than 15 years of experience with Mattress Firm, Ken Murphy has worn many hats, all of which (were Mattress Firm red, of course) prepared him to step into the role of president and CEO, and perhaps most importantly, his role as a contributor to The Daily Doze. Here on the blog, he shares his thoughts on the importance of a good sleep environment, the impact of a good night’s sleep on your career, and the importance of sleep for his family. At Mattress Firm, Ken keeps his finger on the pulse of the company as he oversees sales, field operations, marketing communications, digital strategy, learning and development, and talent management. His passion and gusto – widely known and recognized around the Mattress Firm offices – are the drivers behind his dedication to live out the Mattress Firm mission to improve lives one relationship at a time. In 2011, Ken was awarded Mattress Firm’s distinguished Spirit of Life award for his commitment to living out Mattress Firm’s mission and values in his day-to-day life. Ken holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in Management from Stephen F. Austin State University. He lives in Houston with his wife, Susan, and is a proud father of five children. Best Night’s Sleep: As an aficionado of alliteration, Ken’s sleep time routine includes thinking up mattress-related tongue twisters like “Matt’s magnificent mattress makes mornings marvelous,” until he drifts off to a peaceful night’s sleep.

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  1. As a vendor, working with Mattress Firm is a blast. Everyone has a great positive attitude, smiles on their faces and it makes the day really good. Congrats to everyone at Mattress Firm!

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