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Gifts to Make His Man Cave Comfortable and Productive

A man cave may be a retreat from the rest of the home, but there's no reason why it has to look shabby. We think you can ditch the old college futon and basic big screen TV in favor of creating a man cave that is a welcoming place for him to spend his leisure time. There's no reason that you can't fill an extra space in your home with pieces that look good, feel good and offer something fun to do once he's off the clock from work.

You can create a comfortable and productive space by filling it with gifts that will allow him to kick back on his own and won't be an embarrassment for having guests over. Mattress Firm found these products to fit the bill.

A Temporary Pool Table to Play and Put Away for Other Games

table top pool table offers the convenience of storage and the fun of the ultimate game for man caves that are small on space. Put it out when friends come over and then put it away to work on projects like building model airplanes.


Sports Memorabilia that Everyone Can Love

So mehow sports décor is classier when it looks old, like this  NFL vintage wall art from his favorite team. After all, there's no point in giving him something that you can't stand seeing up on the walls.

Furniture that Does Double Duty

Nothing is better than functional art and this  bottle top barstool doubles as extra seating for buddies that want to drop by. It also functions as a spot to hold a drink while he hits the game table. Plus, it looks like something he could have made himself, if he's both handy and creative—and has a lot of oversized bottle caps.


Classic Game Room Games

You're never too old for a game of indoor soccer and this  56-inch soccer table fits the bill perfectly. It's an essential gift to create a man cave that is both fun and well decorated.


A Modern Spot to Kick Back with the Paper

There's nothing worse than a man cave without comfortable seating. Help him rest and enjoy the game on TV in a modern  club chair that's almost as comfy as his bed. Pick up an extra one for any buddies that he might invite over on occasion.


A Man Cave Essential

An  air hockey table pretty much guarantees a good time. And a cherry finish guarantees that it will fit into any man cave décor, along with the rest of a home.

An Homage to the Original Man Cave

Nothing is more luxurious than leather furniture; just imagine any old-timey “men only" setting. A  leather club chair is luxurious and can either be paired with another matching chair or used singly to fit into a smaller space or corner.

By creating a welcoming space that isn't an eyesore, he's sure to feel more relaxed after a long day.

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