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At Mattress Firm, we understand the impact that the right mattress can have on a good night’s sleep. And, while many people think of their bed as just a place to catch some Zzz’s, a bed can mean so much more to a child. A mattress can be a place to jump like a monkey, practice reading, build a fort, listen to bedtime stories or to simply unwind from the stress of being a kid.

Beyond providing you with the best mattress at the best price, our passion at Mattress Firm lies with helping foster children get the rest and the sleep they deserve. Youth in foster care sometimes struggle with sleep because of the weight of the uncertainties and challenges they face each day, and many don’t see their beds as a safe haven or a place to make the very best childhood memories.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a good night’s sleep is crucial to child development, health and overall well-being, and there’s a direct correlation between quality sleep and improved performance and mental health. To make sure every foster child has a place to lay their head at night and enjoy their childhood moments, Mattress Firm wants to do our part to help them find comfort and success in sleep through our Mattress Firm Foster Kids program.

In honor of National Foster Care Month, Mattress Firm is launching the #MoreThanAMattress campaign to raise awareness about the important role a mattress plays, not only for sleeping, but in development and formation of childhood memories. On Wednesday, May 15, Mattress Firm will surprise deserving foster parents in Philadelphia, San Antonio and Seattle with new mattresses for their families, so they can continue to positively impact the lives of foster children.

You can follow along with the deliveries on our social channels by searching the hashtag #MoreThanAMattress, and be sure to check back here for photos and testimonials from the deliveries!

And, if you would like to get involved, check out to see all the ways you can help the foster children in your community.

About The Author

Tammy Dudek They say life is like a boomerang and what you give is what you get. Tammy Dudek couldn’t agree more with that sentiment, and in fact, it’s one of the reasons she was drawn to a career at Mattress Firm. After spending several years working for a non-profit, Tammy wasn’t sure if a sales job was the right choice for her, but she took a leap of faith and joined Mattress Firm in 2011. From that day forward, her passion for the company grew daily. As the communications manager, Tammy gets to work with the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program and help connect associates to opportunities for giving back to their local community. At the same time, she has the privilege of sharing those stories of service and growing a passionate culture across the entire company. When she’s not helping people fall in love with Mattress Firm, Tammy stays busy by volunteering in the Houston community. Despite a busy schedule, there is one thing Tammy will always make time for and that’s curling up in her bed, sitting up with her adjustable base, and enjoying a Netflix binge with her husband, Zac.

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