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Let’s Unbox the Truth.

It’s simple. Sleep is a fingerprint, not a formula. A man that’s 6’4” doesn’t wear the same blazer as a man that’s 5’4”.

Our most-recent campaign pokes a little fun at the newcomers. Thirty-one years ago, that was us. We understand exactly where they’re coming from. We just want to set the record straight.

We. Are. Not. Against. Beds. In. A. Box.

Heck, we offer one. But what we believe in is that everyone’s sleep is personal, and every consumer deserves a mattress that’s right for him or her. Because, after all, think of the 5’4” guy drowning in the oversize blazer. It’s a fingerprint, not a formula.


Their Claim: Mattress Firm is a hypocrite. They have a bed in a box product, too.  

Our Truth: Yes, we do. But no, we’re not. For us, the issue isn’t about the delivery method or packaging, but instead about selection. You could deliver a mattress in a box made of chocolate bars, and we’d still encourage you to find the ideal mattress for you. After all, it’s like Mom always says, “It’s the inside that matters.” So whether you’re a two-sport athlete who’s begging for support and pain relief, or you’re a new mom who craves any sleep she can get, we curate a wide range of mattresses with the latest technologies to provide sleep choices for every body – literally.


Their Claim: Big mattress stores are trying to innovate without innovating. They rearrange outdated materials and stack multiple layers for luxury to charge you more money.  

Our Truth: The way you combine these materials is, in fact, innovation. The reinvention and constant curation of materials that work to make a comfortable mattress – added with technology to help you sleep cooler or with technology that ensures you sleep undisturbed while your partner tosses and turns – (drumroll, please) is innovation. Pricing is dependent on several factors, including construction materials and process, as well as the technology needed to create the mattress itself. For example, memory foam mattresses are molded, while coil mattresses are assembled. Some luxury mattresses are handmade, which can take longer to assemble and can cost a bit more at the end of the day. Much like you wouldn’t complain about a hand-stitched quilt from your local artisan costing a few extra dollars more than the one off the shelf at your local department store.


Their Claim: Mattress stores are greedy and overpriced.

Our Truth: Since 1986, we’ve seen competitors come and go, and we’re still here. So we get why we’re an easy target. With more than 3,500 stores across the country, Mattress Firm is the largest and only national specialty bedding retailer. We offer great beds at every price point. Whether you want a luxury bed for your master bedroom or one to send with your kid to college, you’re covered. We have several beds that are much more than our competitors, yes. But with those, you get revolutionary technology and unmatched support and pressure relief. And at the same time, while they have one bed at one price, we have 15 beds under $699. We constantly curate the best to find you your perfect bed at the perfect budget.  Does that seem greedy?

Here are a few things our customers love about us:

  1. Sleep experts. Because one mattress isn’t right for everyone, our sleep experts are available and eager to help identify your perfect bed. That’s why we make every store employee complete 200 hours of training before they help you find your dream bed.
  2. Get a 120-night trial. Our Love Your Mattress Guarantee assures that you love your new mattress. If it’s not perfect, we’ll find you one that is or you can return it for a refund.
  3. Full-service delivery and setup. Leave the heavy lifting to us. When you purchase a mattress from us, we deliver (sometimes the same day or the day after purchase) your new mattress and set it up in your home to your liking.
  4. Removal of old mattress. After we set up your new mattress set, we save you a step by removing and disposing of the old mattress, at no additional charge.
  5. Try before you buy. Rather than taking a chance on a mattress, we have convenient locations across the US in which you can physically test your new bed before purchasing it.
  6. Give big and give local. Giving back not only make our more than 10,000 employees feel good, it makes the communities we live and work in better. We love our communities and the passion our employees and guests have for helping us give back to causes that span across supporting foster kids, homeless shelters, food banks, pancreatic cancer research and more.

The bottom line is simple: We believe customer choice is a right – not a disadvantage. So if your choice is a bed in a box, that’s great. Our top priority is that you get the sleep you deserve. You don’t have to get boxed into one choice. You can choose a better, more-suitable mattress – just for you.

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