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Mattress Firm Reviews: Fall TV Lineup

Getting prepped for cozy clothes and warmer weather? Autumn is the perfect time to stay in and catch up on your favorite shows. Our team realizes we're in a golden age of television, so in this special edition of The Daily Doze, Mattress Firm reviews the shows premiering and returning this season (so you don't have to!). Tune in as The Daily Dozers streamline your streaming experience.

Star Trek: Discovery (September 24, CBS All-Access)

For science-fiction fans, a new TV show is on the horizon. Star Trek: Discovery explores another voyage into the final frontier. The latest installment of the Star Trek series follows the story of the crew of the USS Discovery, ten years before Captain Kirk and the Enterprise ever existed. We don't know about you, but our Mattress Firm employees are excited about this one!

Young Sheldon (September 25, CBS)

Die-hard fans of The Big Bang Theory are sure to love this CBS spin-off launching Sept. 25. Young Sheldon explores the humble beginnings of a certain quirky nerd by the name of Sheldon Cooper. This coming-of-age comedy is sure bring on the laughs, along with the feels.

Will and Grace (September 28, NBC)

When we first heard this one was coming back, our Mattress Firm team members thought it was too good to be true and had to be a scam. After tons of buzz, Will and Grace is back in our living rooms this Fall. The foursome tackles living together in the city, picking up where they left off after the show's final season. Though not technically a new show, Will and Grace is sure to return with a fresh and fun storyline. Our Mattress Firm team loves this one, no complaints here!

On top of all the new shows set to hit the tube, there are a few renewed shows set to make a comeback. (Warning, possible spoilers ahead!)

This is Us (September 26, CBS)

Time to ready your tissues! This Is Us returns to tug at our hearts strings for another season. Fresh off an Emmy win for actor Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us features a talented ensemble cast that explores the lives and connections of different families. Tune in for a dramatic narrative that behind the lives of three siblings as they tackle the problems life throws their way.

Stranger Things (October 27, Netflix)

The kids of Hawkins, Indiana are back this October and things are stranger than ever. Stranger Things follows the paranormal happenings around secret scientific experiments in a small town. At the end of Season 1, Will Byers is discovered alive, but seemingly unwell after surviving capture by the Demogorgon. The adventurous gang picks up a year later, piecing together answers about the town disappearances. Our Mattress Firm rating on this one? Stranger Things is legit!

The Good Place (September 19, NBC)

Considered a sleeper hit, The Good Place is back with it's much anticipated second season. Created by Michael Schur ( The Office, Parks and Recreation), The Good Place tells the story of recently deceased woman who ends up in a version of Heaven by accident. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson star in this eccentric comedy about the Afterlife and who doesn't love Kristen Bell and Ted Danson?

While our list is by no means exhaustive, we wanted to steer you in the right direction. When you're falling asleep this Fall, get a good night's rest with a bed fit for your sleep (and television!) schedule. Don't watch the biggest shows of the season on the wrong mattress, stop by a Mattress Firm location in your area and upgrade your sleep and binge watching.

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