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Mattress Firm Reviews: Stocking Stuffers

The team at The Daily Doze is excited to bring back Mattress Firm Reviews! This time, we've reviewed products that are common stocking stuffers. We also have a few ideas on how to really reward those in your family who made the nice list.

You've made your list and checked it twice... and you think you've got all the gifts taken care of and ready to wrap. But, what about those gifts that aren't going under the tree? If you're in charge of helping Santa out, have you gotten together all of your stocking stuffers?

Often first to be opened on Christmas morning, there's no reason to put off stocking stuffers, when you could easily come up with a few fun, thoughtful gifts - and avoid being stuck at the pharmacy on Dec. 24 th, buying a bag of whatever candy and chapstick are left on the shelves. As you think through what you'll be stuffing into stockings, we started thinking about some of our personal favorites from over the years:



The pinnacle of classic stocking stuffers has got to be socks. We don't know if it's somehow subconscious – did you ever think about how you're putting socks into socks? We have no problem with this classic go-to, especially if you skip the crew-cut 6-pack and carefully choose a pair of fun socks that fit the recipient's personality.

Gift Cards

Another one we've seen a lot of is gift cards. And it makes sense, right? They're small enough that Santa can fit a lot of them in his sleigh, and they're a fast way to treat someone for coffee. Although some may say gift cards are impersonal, we think they're almost always welcome in a stocking as a way to give someone the gift of a quick meal, coffee, dessert, music download, or just about anything else.

Chocolate Orange


Our conversation about this ubiquitous stocking stuffer was the most surprising. Many at Mattress Firm had serious complaints about the classic chocolate orange, ranging from “who would put orange and chocolate together?" and “seriously, these flavors don't make sense." But don't knock it until you've tried it- this classic chocolate indulgence is a time-honored tradition for many who swear by its blend of citrus and sweet.

Good Candy


Candy is a serious crowd-pleaser. Even if all you got in your stocking was candy, you certainly wouldn't feel like it was a ripoff. At Mattress Firm, we love just about any kind of candy in stockings. Krispy Kringles, candy canes, all sorts of red and green gummies and chocolates – we love them all! Show someone how good they've been this year by putting sweets in their stocking, either filled in around other goodies or all by itself.



What is it about Christmas and cold feet? Slippers are an easy way for someone to express their personality while they're relaxing at home. If you're gifting them to an especially festive friend, choose something silly or colorful instead of the typical, classic slippers they may already have. Have fun with it!

Bluetooth Speaker


A Bluetooth speaker is a great way to impress on Christmas morning. Whether it's a teen who wants to listen to their music on a better speaker than the one built into their phone or a child who enjoys listening to storybook podcasts, just about anyone would love a portable speaker.

And, if you're hosting holiday guests and planning to purchase a mattress for a guest room, you can get a wireless speaker with your purchase! Come by Mattress Firm December 15 -17 and receive a Sonos One speaker with any purchase over $799.

Lotion, Bath Bombs, etc.


This is a way to show your stocking recipients how much you care about them and want them to relax. A bottle of lavender scented lotion or bath oil is always welcomed as a special treat, particularly during the hectic holiday season.

Sleep Mask


Those who wake up early to rush to see what Santa brought are going to need extra shut-eye to catch up on their sleep debt. Help them out with a colorful sleep mask or other fun sleep accessories. Some people might use essential oils in a diffuser to relax before bed, and others may enjoy cuddling up in a comfortable pair of pajamas to help them sleep better. Whatever you choose, use this stocking stuffer to gently remind your loved one about the importance of healthy sleep.

No matter what you and Santa decide to put in your loved one's stockings, it's important to plan ahead for the sake of you and your guests. Forgetting the stocking stuffers is an easy way to wind up with a lump of coal!

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