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Mattress Firm's National Pillow Fight Day - 2019

A battle royale of fluff and fun took place at Mattress Firm's Pillow Fight Day 2019! As the second annual pillow fight sponsored by Mattress Firm, families and friends of all ages joined the melee in Washington Square Park in New York City armed with their softest pillows and high spirits. Some fluffy fighters even dressed the part in pajamas and costumes as they prepared for a battle of pillows:

Mattress Firm 2019 Pillow Fight Day





Pillows for a Cause: Supporting Mattress Firm Foster Kids

Extending the pillow fight fun, at the Mattress Firm NoHo location, pillows were given in exchange for a donation to the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program. Proceeds from the pillows went to support enrichment opportunities like team sports, field trips and summer camp.




Pillow Fight Day 2019 helped the community give back to foster kids and homeless youth in the city. And thanks to the support of our Pillow Fight participants, more than $2,500 in donations were collected to benefit Mattress Firm Foster Kids in New York City neighborhoods. Now that calls for a rally cry!


With Mattress Firm Pillow Fight Day 2019 over and done, we can't wait for another epic battle royale in 2020!

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