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Keep Your Wedding Organized: Our Ultimate Wedding Checklist

It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were young. Whether you envision ringing your wedding at the chapel of your hometown or getting away for a destination beachside ceremony, this is one of those moments in your lifetime you’ll remember vividly.

“Today's brides are focused on making both the wedding and the planning process more meaningful and enjoyable for all involved,” according to BRIDES magazine.

A recent poll by a well-respected Condé Nast magazine shows couples are prioritizing personalizing their wedding now more than ever before. Wedding trends also suggest that the bride and groom choose to spend their budget and time on special details that reflect their personal style, instead of inviting more guests to the event.

With all those details running through your mind, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed in the planning process now that have that beautiful, sparkling diamond on your left hand.

Where do you even begin? It’s now time to start planning your special day.

Our Wedding Checklist

We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the preparation with our Ultimate Wedding Checklist, which you'll see below. This simple guide will help you stay organized from the first day of your engagement, and then keep you on track until the big day arrives. ( Here's a printable version, so you can check off each to-do.)

Remember savor this memorable time with your partner. The joys and challenges during planning phase of your wedding will be a time for you two to start forming the foundation of your marriage. Have fun indulging in cake tastings, picking your wedding tunes and even registering for a new bed together.


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