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Tech-Friendly Ways to Show Dad You Love Him

We know that every dad has his own special set of skills… from making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich to always knowing how to make you smile. But no matter what they're great at, why is it that more-often-than-not, dads universally struggle in the technology department?

At some point in your life, you've answered a tech question from your old man   maybe, “Wait, can everyone see what I posted?" or “How do I use that emoji thing?"

Haven't thought of that perfect Father's Day gift yet? Try updating his tech-savviness by incorporating one (or all) of our favorite tech-friendly ideas into your celebration:

1. Turn him into a Bitmoji.

If your dad can text and surf the web, chances are he already feels pretty hip. Try taking his social skills to the next level by creating him a customized Bitmoji. Bitmojis make texting easier, and he'll feel like he's right there with you in the conversation. Give a whole new meaning to express yourself, and challenge each other to text solely through Bitmoji!

2. Tag him in an Instagram story.

Father's Day is a time to celebrate a key member of your family, but don't just stop there  celebrate with your Insta fam, too! Share what you love about the No. 1 man in your life with Mattress Firm's DadLibs Instagram story templatePost on your story, and not only will all your friends see how awesome you think your dad is, but so will he.

3. Order him a pizza for delivery.

We all know the way to a dad's heart is through his stomach. Pick up the phone (or let's be real, just go online), and order your old man the meal of his dreams  a pizza! Pro tip: schedule a surprise delivery for after his nap. The more you order, the happier he and his stomach will be.

4. Give him a how-to on the hashtag, aka, "the pound sign."

Whether they think it's one word or two words is beside the point. Make your dad feel “in the know" by giving him the rundown on hashtags. He may never fully understand that it shouldn't be the length of a novel, but you can save that lesson for another time. #GottaStartSomewhere

5 Show him it's all about that (adjustable) base.

After all this tech talk, it's likely your dad will be ready for a little shut eye. Quality sleep (not on the couch) is key to a healthy and happy dad, so take a minute to show him how to use an adjustable base. No more back pain, and he'll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

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