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The Sleepy’s Story

When Sleepy’s became part of the Mattress Firm family in 2015, we were thrilled for the opportunity to welcome one of the country’s oldest and most respected mattress chains into our family. But, even though Sleepy’s is now Mattress Firm, we never wanted to lose the Sleepy’s brand that our company and our customers know and love.

Home of the Mattress Professionals

Back in 1931, businessman Louis Acker opened his first mattress store on the corner of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. This first store, which he called Bedding Discount Centers, served as a training ground for Louis’ son, Harry, to learn everything about the mattress industry. The early days of tying knots of fabric and stitching them together inspired in Harry an obsession of improving people’s lives with a comfortable night’s sleep.

In 1957, Harry opened his own store and named it Sleepy’s —home of the only Mattress Professionals. The business grew steadily and, by 1977, Harry opened his eighth Sleepy’s store. After that, through a series of relocations, acquisitions, and building larger warehouses, the Sleepy’s brand expanded to 75 stores by 1994. In October 2014, Sleepy’s opened it’s 1,000th store.


Legends Never Die

As an iconic brand in the Northeast, Sleepy’s reputation for success and excellent customer service means so much to us at Mattress Firm.

So, to pay our respect to this ever-popular store, we’re bringing Sleepy’s back!

But this time, as an actual mattress instead of a mattress store.

Inspired by the legacy of Harry Acker and his obsession with bringing high-quality, modern bedding products to a wide audience, Sleepy’s mattresses have been thoughtfully designed to live at the intersection of comfort and value. They’re also simple – you can get it delivered in a box right to your door, or you can visit any of our stores to try them out and take one home that day.

Want to learn more about the new Sleepy’s mattress? Check out our website, or come by a Mattress Firm location and see for yourself why we’re so excited to attach this legendary name to this fantastic product.


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