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Buying Guide: College

When college students are preparing to head back to school or move-in for the first time, the whirl of excitement can take over. In the midst of the dorm assignments, new student mixers and adjusting to life on campus, it can be particularly difficult to establish a healthy sleep routine.

So, college students don’t get a lot of sleep. No surprise, no big deal, right?

Wrong Sleep can have a big impact on your academic success, so it is important to start the new school year off with a good night’s rest. Researchers studied students at Harvard College and found that there were several differences between regular and irregular sleepers, including significant differences in grade point averages.

As you’re putting together that college dorm checklist, don’t forget the importance of a mattress. Here are a few tips from the experts at Mattress Firm on how to select the perfect mattress for college…

Size it Up

Some universities provide mattresses for all students living on campus, but others may request students bring their own. While dorm rooms vary in shape and size, a twin bed is widely considered the standard for campus living. And some even offer extra-long beds to accommodate taller students needing more legroom, so double-check your dorm’s measurements in advance to make sure you have the correct bed size.

For those living off-campus, you’ll likely consider a larger mattress for a house or an apartment. A full size mattress is a popular choice for young adults as it’s larger than a twin but not quite as wide as a queen mattress or a king mattress.

Figuring out mattress dimensions and cost can get overwhelming, so take advantage of Mattress Firm’s mattress finder tool to find a bed that fits within your budget and your student’s room. And remember we’ll deliver the mattress and set it up, removing the extra hassle on move-in day. Going to school in a different city? No problem, we can easily arrange for deliveries across the country.

Beyond the Mattress

You may not even need to purchase a box spring, especially if your student is living in a dorm. Some campus housing will provide the box springs or board foundation. If you happen to need one, don’t worry, Mattress Firm employees can help confirm the size, material quality and profile height to make sure the mattress fits the space.

Keep in mind that unlike a mattress, box springs cannot be squished and maneuvered through tight doorways or down a narrow hallway. So be sure to confirm those housing dimensions in advance with the residential department or a resident advisor at the university.

Take it for a Test Drive

You wouldn’t buy a car without first test-driving it, right? Believe it or not, buying a mattress should be no different — you should be comfortable when sleeping, lying down reading, studying or binge-watching on Netflix.

Have your student go with you to your local store and have them take the time to lay down on each mattress to determine which one is comfortable for their specific body type.

Protect Your Investment

Mattress protectors are a win-win for all as they protect the bed from spills and stains, allowing for maximum mileage from the mattress. Additionally, a mattress cover is something you’ll definitely want to consider if the college provides the bed in order to protect your student from breathing in allergens, dust mites and bacteria.

And just as there are different types of beds and different types of mattresses, there are different types of protectors too. Some cover the mattress like a fitted sheet; others have zippers and seals to encase the entire mattress and box spring. The good news is every mattress cover is washable and portable, so with proper care, mattress protectors should last all four years!

Extra Padding for Comfort

For students sleeping on a campus-provided mattress, a mattress topper is a great way to make a mattress their own. As a short-term solution to temporary dorm life, a mattress topper adds extra soft comfort to help with those sleepless nights young people struggle with during the academic year.

We know that you have a long list of move-in essentials, but a quality mattress is truly crucial to your student’s long-term health and wellness, as well as their academic success. We hope to guide you in the right direction, so your young scholars can sleep their way to a successful year. With Mattress Firm locations nationwide, you can drop by one of our stores in your hometown or college city to make the selection process seamless.

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