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5 Tips to Help Keep Your Room Clean

Whether it's purging your closet and cabinets or changing your air filters and the batteries in your smoke detectors, spring has always been considered a time for cleaning, refreshing and organizing. It's the perfect time of year to identify new house cleaning ideas or unique home organization tips and give yourself a fresh start for summer.

With National Clean Your Room Day just around the corner on May 10, here are some of our favorite spring cleaning tips that will help you keep your room and your home clean throughout the year.

The Best Spring Cleaning Tips

1. De-clutter Shelves, Counter Tops, etc.

While shelves, counter tops and nightstands can be an easy catchall for those things you just need to set somewhere, they can end up being a major eyesore. By keeping your surfaces free of clutter, your room will feel much more open and clean with very little effort.

2. Invest in Organizational Bins

Now that you've committed to maintaining clear surfaces, you need somewhere to put those things that just don't have a home. One of the best organization tips for home is to invest in bins that can easily be tucked away in cabinets, a closet or under the bed. Not only will you now have a home for all of those miscellaneous loose items but they're also out of sight, making your entire home tidy.

3. Make Your Bed

While this tidy tip seems simple, it is often one of the most overlooked tasks on any spring cleaning tips list. Despite your morning rush, make a habit out of making your bed every day, and your room will instantly look and feel cleaner and more put together. Not to mention, there's nothing like crawling into a freshly made bed with tight sheets and fluffy pillows after a long day!

4. Keep Clothes Off the Floor

We'd all be lying if we said we always put our clothes away after changing into something else. The piles of clothes on the floor are one of the main offenders in messy rooms. Make a conscious effort to hang up and/or put away the clothes you didn't wear and sort your dirty laundry. Make it easier by having your laundry bin easily accessible so you can toss your clothes inside with no extra effort as you race to put your comfy clothes on.

5. Avoid Eating in Your Bedroom

This may be a hard one for some people, but trash from food wrappers or empty drink containers significantly add to the mess of a room — not to mention the trail of crumbs your snacks leave behind. Leave your bedroom for sleeping and keep the snacks in the kitchen. Bonus tip: this will also keep your room smelling fresh and free of any unwanted pesky visitors.

When the weather is warm and the sun is shining bright, it can feel taboo to spend a day indoors. However, when you take the time to take care of your home, you'll never regret putting in the extra effort. So, whether it's on May 10th for National Clean Your Room Day, the next rainy day or a Saturday free of plans, commit to cleaning and organizing your space.

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