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Introducing the Cattress: The Mattress Every Cat Needs

Cattress - The Mattress Every Cat Deserves

Every cat deserves a throne. At least we think so. That's why Mattress Firm is announcing the perfect (or should we say "purr-fect") sleep solution for you and your feline friend - the Cattress.

The Cattress is a certified organic, cool gel memory foam mattress, guaranteed free of harmful chemicals to provide your cat with a healthy sleep environment. The cooling gel technology provides ultimate temperature control, while the memory foam adds an extra layer of comfort that goes beyond the fur. It's a mattress engineered specifically for the catnap.

Why Develop a Mattress Just for Cats?

It's not because we think they're cute (of course we do, and so does the internet). Did you know our feline friends sleep 16-20 hours per day? Whether on the couch, on your lap or at the foot of your bed, your cat is getting some serious shut eye, and most of it happens during the day. Wild cats, relatives of our declawed, indoor pets, typically hunt at night, and like them, a large majority of your cat's natural sleep cycle occurs during the day. So, what's your cat doing at night? If you're part of the 62% of owners whose pet sleeps at their side, you're no stranger to a 3 a.m. pounce on the face, scratch on the arm or scurries across the carpet. The Cattress will bring better sleep for your cat, which also means better sleep for you!

Why YOUR CAT Needs a Cattress

petMD tells us cats are naturally nocturnal - catnapping by day and hunting for mice by night. Whether pouncing, climbing or tackling a toy, your kitty requires a lot of energy when awake. Come naptime, it's important to provide a mattress that supports their unique shape and weight comfortably. The Cattress' newly developed technology for an active lifestyle, no matter the breed. Help kick start regular sleep habits for your feline. Trust us, they will thank you after a big tuna dinner.

Why YOU Need a Cattress

We can go on and on about the importance of a good night's sleep. With a Cattress, you'll also sleep happy knowing your cat is sleeping healthy! And it's not just your cat's sleep health - it will help yours, too. According to, your bed can host a number of cat allergens that can affect quality of sleep, which can lead to disrupted productivity during the day. You can wash your sheets and hands constantly or install an air filter, but a Cattress will reduce your exposure to these irritating allergens immediately.

Plus, upkeep is made easy. The supportive, stain resistant fabric and light weight 3-by-1.5 foot bed frame are designed for stress-free cleaning, allowing owners to easily sweep away shed dander and hair. Many owners have already enforced a strict "off limits" policy for their pets. All it takes is training, and we believe it will not be too difficult once your cat stretches across the Cattress.

The Next Litter

While the Cattress is the first mattress developed by Mattress Firm specifically for furry friends, we have already begun exploring a full line for pets, and are currently conducting product testing for dogs and Guinea Pigs. Humans only spend 1/3 of our lives in beds while cats spend 2/3 of their lives asleep. Doesn't every member of your family - even the furry ones - deserve a gr8 night's sleep? Join the conversation! Use the hashtag #Cattress and share a photo of your cat's bed.

And if you're still reading this, we thank you for your consideration of the #Cattress...and April Fools!

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