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Buying Guide: Selecting the Right Mattress Size

One of the most common mistakes made when buying a new bed is selecting one that’s too small.

When it comes to your bed, bigger is always better. During Mattress Firm’s Black Friday Sale, bigger is also in your budget. Whether you are looking for the smallest mattress size or the biggest mattress size, the bed of your dreams is within reach.

Now through December 4, get a king mattress for the price of a queen, or a queen mattress for the price of a twin across all brands. If you’re not in the market for a bigger bed, get a FREE adjustable base when you spend $599 on any mattress. Plus, there will be doorbusters in-store and flash sales online throughout the sale.

This Black Friday is the perfect time to purchase the bigger mattress you’ve been waiting for at Mattress Firm.

If you still aren’t convinced that bigger is better, the Daily Dozers are here to help you learn about the different mattress sizes, so you can make the best decision for you.

Which Size Mattress Is Right For You?

Did you know the average person moves more than 40 times a night, including a dozen full body turns? If you choose a mattress that’s too small, you’re going to alternate between trading groggy elbows with your partner and rolling off onto the floor. Here’s a breakdown of your options…

Twin Size Mattresses

Let’s start small and work our way up. Who needs a twin mattress? Usually, it’s for either small people (think kids) or for small spaces (think college dorms or New York City apartments). Twin mattress dimensions clock in at 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, making it the smallest available mattress that isn’t intended to be in a crib. Although twin-sized beds can make a great “first” bed for children transitioning out of cribs, many parents are choosing to transition straight to a queen-size mattress to give their child more room to grow – and offer an easy place for mom and dad to lay for bedtime stories!

Full Size Mattresses

Are you thinking about a full mattress? These are also 75 inches long — the same length as a twin — but a full-sized mattress is 52 inches wide, an extra 15 inches compared to a twin. This size mattress typically doesn’t work well for most couples since it leaves only 27 inches of personal space per sleeper – that’s less sleep space than a crib!

Queen Size Mattresses

What about a queen mattress? At 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, it is roomier than a full mattress. Queen size mattresses are a good fit for master bedrooms that are designed to hold larger beds. This size is a typical choice for a first mattress for a couple, particularly couples who don’t mind snugging as the sleeping space per person is actually smaller than a twin size bed (30″ x 80″ vs. 38″ x 75″). Also, many single folks who just want to be able to spread out at night choose a queen size mattress.

King Size Mattresses

Have you thought about a king mattress? These feature the same length as a queen-sized mattress, but a whopping 76 inches of width means you can easily stretch out during the night without disturbing your sleep partner. You’ve got maximum sleeping space, and even extra room for a kid (or two), the family pet, a wayward neighbor and whoever else you want to squeeze in. If you are looking for additional length, the California king mattress shaves off 4 inches in width and adds 4 inches in length. This makes for a bed that’s a total of 7 feet long for taller individuals.

Don’t Forget the Room!

The challenge, of course, is fit. Make sure the mattress you choose fills out your space — after all, it’s not called a BEDroom for nothing. Size does matter when it comes to what bed is best for you. When thinking through which mattress to buy, be sure to keep these tips handy and don’t forget to put our shopping checklist to work when you visit a Mattress Firm location. Bigger has always been better — now, thanks to Mattress Firm, bigger is also in your budget.

This holiday season, think bigger, save bigger and don’t forget to stop by your nearest Mattress Firm location to take advantage of these deals during the Black Friday sale. Take our word for it, this is a Mattress Firm sale you won’t want to miss!

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