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Meet the Somnox Sleep Robot: A Smart Sleep Aid for Better Rest

Whether a racing mind at night prevents you from falling asleep or you’re just struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, Mattress Firm has a new product that can help: The Somnox Sleep Robot.

Keep reading for an overview of this cool new device, plus a special, limited-time offer.

What is the Somnox Sleep Robot?

The word “robot” may conjure up images of Rosie from The Jetsons, but this device is less mechanical humanoid and more cuddly sleep aid. In fact, Somnox designed the Sleep Robot ergonomically so it can be comfortably spooned like a real, human companion.

“When you hold it, there’s a natural urge to snuggle with it,” says Dr. W. Christopher Winter, president of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine and the author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It.

But the Sleep Robot is far from a run-of-the-mill pillow. It’s packed with smart technology that breathes with you, helping to lull you to sleep.

How Does the Somnox Sleep Robot Work?

The Somnox Sleep Robot experience starts with an onboarding program in the free companion app. Using this app, you can either manually set how many breaths per minute you’d like the Robot to take and let your body adjust to that rhythm or you can opt for the “adaptive breathing” mode.

Sample screens from the Somnox Sleep Robot app

The adaptive breathing feature triggers motion sensors inside the Robot that detect and mimic your current breathing pattern and then gradually slow down, leading your body to do the same.

Subconsciously syncing your breath with the Sleep Robot’s slower rhythm — from, say, 11 breaths per minute to a more restful six breaths per minute — helps shift your body’s autonomic nervous system from the sympathetic (fight or flight) state to the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state. The result? A calmer body that’s more primed for dreamland.

Somnox Sleep Robot Explainer

But guided breathing isn’t the only benefit of sleeping with a Somnox Sleep Robot. The Sleep Robot can also play soothing music, white noise, pink noise, and nature sounds, which can enhance the restful breathing experience and are proven to help improve the quality of sleep.

Is the Somnox Sleep Robot Effective?

The theory behind the Somnox Sleep Robot is grounded in science. “There are studies that show breathing regulation can impact sleep onset and insomnia,” says Dr. Winters. (The Sleep Robot, in fact, is based on one study that found infants sleep better with a breathing bear.) “There’s also research on the sleep-inducing effects of pink noise,” adds Dr. Winter, “so I think both elements could be helpful to people who struggle to fall asleep.”

Somnox’s initial research has been positive. According to their data, 75 percent of users fell asleep faster and more easily with the Sleep Robot. For those who took over 30 minutes to fall asleep, the Sleep Robot reduced this time by an average of 21 minutes.

Eight out of 10 users reported better sleep after using it for just four weeks, and the device has already earned an "excellent" rating on review platform Trustpilot.

Here’s what one formerly sleep-deprived customer had to say:

Review (2020): Does the Somnox actually work? - Sabine de Witte

“As a sleep doctor, we’re usually trying to get people off of things they depend on (pills, alcohol, etc.) and not trying to introduce new things to be dependent on,” says Dr. Winter. “That said, the Somnox Sleep Robot seems like a reasonable transitional device for some people and is certainly not harmful.”

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