The Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ve probably heard the general consensus that it’s not the most beneficial position for sleeping. Despite that, roughly 16 percent of the population still prefers to sleep face down.

We’re all about getting the best snooze for you — but don’t forget, when your face hits the pillow, sleeping on a mattress that gives you optimal support and comfort is magnified. Don’t let your stomach sleeping throw your back into misalignment. Typically, stomach sleepers sleep best on a mattress that is a little on the firmer side.

If you are a member of the 16 percent, check out these supportive mattresses options, so you can get your best quality sleep night after night. Here are our top choices to help you find the best mattress for stomach sleepers:

Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

1. Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hartfield 11.5″ Luxury Firm Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hartfield 11.5" Luxury Firm Mattress

As a stomach sleeper, having a firm mattress is essential to prevent your spine from becoming misaligned during the night. When your body is fully supported throughout your sleep, your back and spine are in alignment, preventing any resulting back pain the next morning. This Simmons Beautyrest Hartfield mattress combines comfort, support and temperature management all in one — making it a best mattress for stomach sleepers! Its individually wrapped coils shift with your body as you sleep to help you stay supported all night long.


2. Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Bay Spring 14″ Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Bay Spring 14" Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress

Although stomach sleeping is best when combined with a firm mattress, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. For those stomach sleepers that crave a little extra plush padding, this mattress combines everything you need with exactly what you want. The Beautyrest Bay Spring Mattress is firm enough to support your back and spine but also has an extra pillow top layer to help you sleep soft every night. Even better, it is infused with cooling technology to wick away heat and maintain breathability throughout the night.


3. Simmons Beautyrest Greenwood 9.5″: Firm Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Greenwood 9.5": Firm Mattress

*In-store savings

For a quality mattress that covers the basics of what stomach sleepers need, look no further than the Beautyrest Greenwood Firm Mattress. This mattress provides support and comfort, combining 800 Density Pocketed Coil® innerspring technology with multiple foam support and comfort layers. Its design of individually wrapped coils contours to your body yet remains supportive where you need it. (If that isn’t enough comfort for you, check out this ideal pillow for stomach sleeping too!)

4. Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus Tolliver 15.5″ Firm Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus Tolliver 15.5" Firm Mattress

*In-store savings

Ideal for stomach sleepers in-need of optimal support, the Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus Tolliver offers layers of firm support topped off with just a hint of plush conformability. It’s the best of both worlds for those looking for pressure point relief support and contouring memory foam comfort. Built with advanced innerspring technology, you won’t have to worry about this mattress sleeping hot, either — both the core and comfort layers are infused with AirCool® and Black HybridICE® cooling properties.

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