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Sleep Health News Roundup: November 2017

Alarm snoozing, binge-racing, tryptophan and more!

November’s sleep health news roundup covers the latest sleep-related trends. Check out this month’s discussion online about how sleep is affecting your health and what you can do to sleep better.

So THAT’S Why Your Alarm Snoozes for 9 Minutes

We are all guilty of using the snooze button. With one touch, you get a few extra minutes of sleep before starting your day. But have you ever thought about why the snooze countdown is exactly nine minutes long? Why not ten?

Theories suggest that this began in the 1950’s when clock engineers had to work around the existing gear configuration, and nine minutes was the easiest to program.

As smartphones began to replace traditional clocks, creators still stuck to the old algorithm, helping the snooze button withstand the test of time.

AI Can Help Apple Watch Predict High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea

When paired with the right machine learning, the Apple Watch’s heart-rate sensor and step counter may be able to predict whether a person has high blood pressure or sleep apnea. Both are commonly overlooked and can become associated with life-threatening problems.

Although diagnosing sleep apnea would still require a visit to the sleep clinic, the watch would help notice any key triggers or problem areas.

Just another way technology is helping us sleep better  and safer!

Netflix Declares War On Sleep, Its Biggest ‘Competitor’

For all of you binge-watchers out there, Netflix has declared sleep to be one of its biggest competitors.

More recently, “binge-racing” has become another component to Netflix’s fight with sleep. Users have become so engaged with shows that they have started to compete with one another, “racing” to see who can finish the series first.

And although it might provide some late-night entertainment, binge-watching can have harmful effects on your body and sleep cycle.

The Turkey You Eat at Thanksgiving Doesn’t Make You Sleepy

Although turkey is often stuck with the blame for your afternoon nap on Thanksgiving, sleep expert Dr. Daniel Barone says it’s all a myth.

Turkey is known for containing a chemical known as tryptophan, but that’s not what makes you tired — in fact, all the food we eat on Thanksgiving is to blame. The reason we tend to be tired on Thanksgiving is simply because of the amount of food we’re eating.

When your body has such a large meal, we have what’s called postprandial fatigue where sleep is promoted… so the more you eat, the more you sleep!

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