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5 Tips to Sneeze Less and Smile More During Allergy Season

Allergy sufferers often dread the time of year when seasons change because they are battling sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes commonly associated with seasonal allergies.

Here are some simple tips to sneeze less and smile more this allergy season:

  1. Use high-quality mattress and pillow protection. Allergens and other irritants can collect in your bedroom, especially if you have a tendency to keep your windows open. Allergy-friendly mattress and pillow protectors, like the ones from Protect-A-Bed, provide a safeguard against allergens, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mold.
  2. Shower at night. While it’s common to start your day by jumping in the shower, allergy sufferers should consider flipping the script and bathing before bedtime. That way, any allergens (like pollen or ragweed) that have collected on your skin and hair during the day will be washed away before you tuck yourself in.
  3. If possible, close the windows. Crisp autumn evenings might make you want to sleep with the windows open. However, if you suffer from seasonal allergies – it’s best to keep the outside out. According to an expert from the Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, running the air conditioner can cut indoor pollen counts by 90% or more.
  4. Clean the house…often. Dusting and vacuuming might already be on your weekly to-do list; however, during fall allergy season it’s crucial that you amp up your efforts to keep pollen, mold spores and dust from hanging around. Using a damp cloth and a high-quality vacuum will help banish these allergens from irritating your eyes, nose and throat.
  5. Leave the raking to others. One of the many outdoor chores that get added to your list in the fall is raking leaves. If you’re an allergy sufferer, especially if you’re sensitive to mold, it’s a good idea to ask a friend or family member to handle this task. Spending too much time outside around the fall foliage can aggravate symptoms. However, if this isn’t an option for you, make sure you’re well covered when you’re outside – wear eye protectors, a face mask, a long-sleeved shirt and pants to keep the allergens at bay.

We hope by following these simple tips, that you can enjoy the changing weather – without having to worry about your allergies getting in the way. Best of luck!

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